Title: Let’s Go to the Seaside!
Author: Caryl Hart
Illustrator: Lauren Tobia
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Baby/Young children’s picture book
Book format: Paperback (semi-boardbook)
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Description:  Let’s go to the seaside with Billy and Bee!  There’s SO much to do, and SO much to see!  Crunchy sand and foamy waves, and ice creams in the sun, Let’s get out our bucket and spade, and play with everyone!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is another lovely picture book from the Billy and Bee (Let’s Go) series of first experiences. The paperback of ‘Let’s Go to the Seaside!’ is about A4 in width though a bit shorter in height, and is filled with glossy and colourful pages of illustrations and some text. The pages have rounded corners so young hands won’t get hurt by touching them and the pages themselves are not paper but more like card, almost the same thickness as the outer cover, making this a very robust book for youngsters to be able to look at.

Let's Go to the Seaside book page image one
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Like the other books in this series this one is all about friends Billy and Bee experiencing something new, this time the seaside. What they experience with their mums is just so sweet and exactly the way that any child might feel the first time they visit the seaside. They do things like making sandcastles, eating ice cream and at some point Bee even gets a bit upset when the sea splashes over her, but she’s soon enjoying it again. The rhyming in this book just works so well and every page has simple rhyming that every child will love. The text is large, so easy to read, but it’s the illustrations that make this all the more engaging.

Each double page has lovely illustrations of Billy and Bee enjoying the seaside. I love the way they look, each image is so lovely and colourful and there’s something so engaging about them. There’s extra things to see in every picture that isn’t spoken of in the text, with Billy and Bee’s mums enjoying the seaside too, along with Bee’s sibling. There are also pictures with things to spot in the background. I like one image where you can see all the other people enjoying the seaside too. I don’t know quite what it is about this book, , but just the fun expressions of these two and the way everything looks, I just can’t help but love this book and I love the fun way the seaside has been portrayed.

Let's Go to the Seaside book page image two
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This is a great book to share with youngsters, especially those who will be heading off to the seaside themselves. There’s something magical about visiting the sea as a young child and this is portrayed so well in this book. The illustrations are lovely and the rhyming text works so well that I’m sure this book will be read again and again. I can’t wait to read more fun experiences of Billy and Bee.

Have you read any other books in this series with Billy and Bee?  Do you remember visiting the seaside for the first time, or have you never been?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂