As many of you following this blog already know, I am slowly transferring all my old book reviews and poems from previous blogs onto this one.  Well in looking at my old blog I came across this poem and can’t believe how it still feels so relevant today.

This poem was originally posted after the Referendum vote in the UK to decide whether to leave the EU or stay.  I don’t want to get political on this blog, but having family who are from Easter Europe, and knowing a lot of friends who come from different countries in Europe too (or their families) I understand the impact that the Referendum has had on people.  In the years since the vote, it isn’t the vote itself or the result right now that bothers me as much as the divisions between people that the voting created.  This is especially true in certain communities on how foreigners (or those with foreign names) are treated.  Yes, even those who were born in the UK and are British are facing discrimination by some people when their names are foreign or they look different to others.

Although not everyone treats others badly, there is a section of society that does, and at times when I think of it all I feel is sad for how divided people have become, even families have been torn apart with their views on other people.  This short poem was written with those feelings I had at the time deeply in my heart, and I still sometimes feel this way when walking in certain parts of the country.

Regardless of your own political leanings or thoughts on other people, please remember that every single person is an individual who deserves to be treated with respect and care.  Nobody knows what an individual is going through or what their individual circumstances are in life and just because someone is foreign or has a foreign name, it doesn’t make them any less capable of doing things than others, or any less of a person.  We are all human beings and should all do you best to foster a society of care, peace and friendship, not make assumptions about those we don’t know.  That person you may think you have little in common with, they could end up your best friend if you just took the time to be kind and maybe talked to them.

I hope you enjoy the short poem and let’s all have a wonderful day and wish each other well ❤

A Place I Used to Call Home

What has happened to my home?
A place I used to safely roam.
Somewhere I was always safe,
Now abandoned, I am waif.
Alone I wander thinking why?
This place now leads me to cry.
No longer do I feel so secure,
Walking streets I’m now unsure.
Shadows of hatred none can see.
I am a tourist in my country.

-Poem first appeared online June 2016 – now edited, (added to a little) and republished here.

How do you feel about the way people treat each other?  Do you have an opinion on the way society is seperating itself or the Brexit issue?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂