Last week I shared a poem called Alone.  I wrote the poem at a time when I was feeling very down but sharing it here got a lot responses and one in particular stood out.  A response by LeeSoyer from Teenager Fighting Depression (a brilliant person and blog mission by the way, check it out!) was written in the form of a poem, as a direct response to the idea in my poem of feeling alone.  I wanted to share this poem because the words really mean a lot and are very important to hear, especially if you are someone who is feeling alone or lonely right now.  Not only are the words touching but so is the idea of someone reaching out and responding like that to a blog post, in poetry form…it’s just so wonderful! 🙂

Thank you LeeSoyer for letting me re-share this, I hope you all enjoy 🙂 ❤

You’re Not Alone

Are you really all alone?
that would be my question
to make you wonder & ask
if it is this your depression
you seem physically alone
doesn’t mean you really are
if someone doesn’t phone
doesn’t mean they don’t care
the feeling can be hard
very difficult to deal & bear
know that you’re not alone
that is something I can swear.

-Poem re-shared with permission from LeeSoyer.

Did you like this poem?  do you ever feel alone or lonely?  What would you say to someone who is feeling alone (I might even republish it on this blog!)?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂