This is the second set of books that I’ve received for November and just in time for my birthday which was a few days ago!  I feel like it was an extra special birthday present to get these and I want to thank Andersen Press (and Walker Books) for sending these.  There’s a few books for different ages, including a colouring book that I’m super excited for as I love Christmas colouring books. 😀 I hope some of these books will excite you too and as usual the descriptions are simple ones from an email I received.

Here are the books:

November Andersen Press book haul books
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Colour Together: Christmas by Annie Davidson – Take a break this Christmas for some creative colour-together time. From festive decorations to scenes of celebration, there’s a new challenge every time you turn a page.

The Animals Grimm: A Treasury of Tales by Kevin Crossley-Holland & Susan Varley – A collection of eleven Grimm fairy tales featuring animal characters, including The Bremen Town Musicians and The Hedge King, translated by Carnegie Medal winner Kevin Crossley-Holland.

Wolf in the Snow by Matthew Cordell – A girl is lost in a snowstorm. A wolf cub is lost, too. How will they find their way home? A story of friendship and trust.

The Funniest christmas Joke Book Ever by Joe King – Why did Father Christmas start sneezing as he went down the chimney? Because he had the floo! How does Rudolph know when Christmas is coming?  He looks at his calen-deer. This collection includes many more hilarious jokes for a very merry Christmas!


I can’t wait to colour in that Christmas colouring book, just like I can’t wait to check out these other titles especially the Animals Grimm stories!  Reviews will appear here as soon as possible and I will definitely get all the Christmas books reviewed soon.  What books are you looking forward to, and do any of these interest you?

Do you like the look of any of these books?  What books are you hoping to get for Christmas?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂