Today I have a simple yet fun book tag post!  I’ve been meaning to write up a few blog posts since my birthday, but I’ve been oddly more tired and sleepy than normal, like really feeling drained of energy – maybe it’s the weather (or maybe reading The Toll is literally taking a toll😂) and so I haven’t had the time to do that yet.  Instead I felt like having a bit of fun with book tags, because it’s always fun to do a tag and in doing so you get to know a bit more about me (and maybe me about you if you choose to comment or do them too)! 😀  So, let me introduce the This or That Book Tag which I saw Hollylovesbooks do.  Not sure who the creator of the tag is, but her answers are a lot of fun so check them out 🙂


1. Reading on the bed or the couch?

This completely depends on where I am when I feel like reading.  Sometimes I’ll sit in a chair, sometimes on the sofa and other times on my bed.  I have to stress though that I rarely read in bed but rather sitting or lying on top of it.  But when I’m lying on the bed it’s always in a seated sort of position so it’s not like the book is going to send me to sleep, I’m always alert when I’m reading and I tend to enjoy reading at home more than anywhere else 🙂


2. Male or female main character?

I don’t think it matters so much to me anymore.  As a teenager I used to prefer female characters but I’ve grown out of that now.  I can relate to female characters more sometimes (obviously) but I don’t think the character’s sex or gender matters as much as their actual character, how they approach things and whether I can in some way relate or want to follow through their journey in the book.


3. Sweet or salty snacks while Reading?

I don’t read and snack (I know – shocking!).  In fact I rarely snack anymore at all except on very watery items like lettuce, berries or watermelon in the summer.  The first reason is that these sorts of fruit and veg don’t have much sugars in them (type 1 diabetes and all that!) and secondly I don’t usually snack unless my stomach’s really panging for food because as part of my weight loss journey (or should I call it my fitness journey) which I went through quite a few years ago now, I taught my body to eat a different way.  I now leave determined gaps between meals and only eat at meal times so I no longer get peckish these days until those times that I stop to eat an actual meal, so I just don’t feel the need to snack.  Besides, I’m usually too engrossed in the book I’m reading (or other activity I’m doing) to even think about my own body’s pangs for food, lol.

4. Trilogies or quartets?

Does this matter?  If I like a series I don’t think it matters how many books there are.  I’ve read series that are quintets or more and I’ve enjoyed trilogies and maybe quartets.  I think what matters with a series more than the number of books is that those books all hold a really good story.  I don’t like it when a series goes so off the mark that it feels more like an extra book is used as a filler or goes way off plot without keeping the excitement of the previous novels going.  That’s the only time when a higher number of books in a series is a bad thing, but I don’t have a preference if the series on the whole is good.


5. Reading at night or in the morning?

The morning, day and evening but I prefer the daytime than night.  I’ll tell you why I’m not a fan of reading at night.  First, I tend not to read before bed unless I am reading something I know is funny or more cheerful.  If I read something dark it just gets stuck in my head and it’s likely I’ll dream about it when I’m asleep – I get quite vivid dreams! 😮  The second reason I don’t like the late evenings so much is that after a day of doing everything that I do and especially on a day after I’ve exercised, I just feel so tired that I am sometimes not able to concentrate that much on reading a book and I hate not remembering something I read the previous day because I was sleepy when reading it…So mornings and during the day are my favourite times to read 🙂

6. First or third POV?

Both.  First person perspctive can make you feel like you are experiencing everyting the character is and you can often feel like you are in the novel!  But sometimes a third perspective can make the plot move forwards better.  If I’m honest the third person perspective that I actually like is the one that isn’t limited.  The omniscent or god perspective (whatever you call it) can often make some novels really gripping especially with the plot as you get to see scenes featuring other characters, even minor ones, and it often does feel like watching a movie…maybe I like it so much as I used to make amateur videos/movies (at home but I totally acted like I was Speilberg!).

7. Libraries or bookshelves?

Libraries have bookshelves don’t they? lol  Actually I think this question means library books or my own ones on my own bookshelf?  Well I think libraries are amazing places and they can have so many birlliant books available.  It depends on the library of course and having gone from one borough and into another when moving I can see how much better some libraries are at getting new and different varieties of books in.  I think libraries are great for visiting to try something new, to look for books you’d otherwise usually pass when searching for books to buy.  I’ve tried quite a few foreign translated books from libraries and I wouldn’t have had the chance to if it hadn’t been for my local library at the time, I’ve also taken a chance on genres I wouldn’t have usually tried too.  But despite the obvious good points that libraries have, I can’t help but always turn first to my own bookshelves and I constantly want to fill my shelves with my own books (or overfill them – they are full to bursting already!).  Also, because of my ocd,  library books are more challenging for me to read as they are often marred with bent pages and foodstuffs inside (honestly some people really need to think of the others reading after them).  They also don’t smell like new books do (occassionaly smelling a bit: ugh!) and I’m a bit obsessed with that newly printed book smell…I know it sounds ridiculous but I really am, lol!

8. Books that make you laugh or cry?

I like books that make me laugh and I like books that make me cry but it’s usually a cry of happy tears that I prefer.  I’m a bit of an emotional person so books can have a good hold over me emotionally.  I really prefer books that keep me excited and in suspense with my heart gripped, and I want to feel a release at the end so maybe crying books are more my leaning, but it depends on my mood and sometimes when I’m not feeling so good a book to make me laugh is just what I need.

9. Black or white book cover?

What happened to colourful book covers?  I prefer books with more than just black or white on them, but if I’m going to pick from the two then darker covers, and therefore black, is better.  There’s something more eye-catching about a black or dark cover than there is about white for me and I can’t help but feel intrigued by them.

10. Character driven or plot driven?

A character driven book with a good plot or a plot driven book with a good character.  Lol, I think my answer once again is: both!  Character driven books are interesting to read and I always want to have a book that I can relate to the character in some way.  Relating doesn’t mean I actually relate to them, like I’m not going to relate to a serial killer for example, but even to a villain who might be the protagonist I want to feel something for the character, to understand why they are the way they are and if the story is all plot with no decent and interesting characters then it does get boring for me.  But a good character driven novel is nothing also without a decent plot behind it and I’ve read a book here and there that was all character with very little happening to them and those stories felt like I had less of a connection with the character as a result making them boring in return.  I think I’m more plot oriented though, I really want there to be a good plot driving the novel forward but I need the characters to also be ones that move forward and that I can connect with so I really can’t decide other than repeating: both!


That’s it!  I hope you liked my answers to this fun tag and if you want to do this tag for yourself then go ahead!  Don’t forget to tag this post when making your own though or I won’t know that you’ve done it 😉 🙂 (if you aren’t on WordPress though you’ll have to leave a comment here or tag my twitter account @tstrawberrypost) Have a lovely day everyone and I hope you enjoy reading whatever you are reading today! ❤

What do you think of my answers?  What would you answer to some of these questions?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂