There is nothing wrong with feeling tired but sometimes tiredness and lethargy can hit you harder than you think.  I’ve personally been feeling very lethargic the last few days (ever since my birthday last week) though I put this down to a change in the weather and some other issues I’ve had with sleep and food.  I’m generally fine, but at times we all need to reconise that we can’t always be ‘on’ the whole time and it’s okay to say we are tired and we need a rest.  This is especially true if you suffer from any kind of health conditions, and in particular chronic ones, as these can lead us to feeling tired from just the daily work of having to deal with them.

But regardless of whether you’re tired from a chronic condition or some other reason, the fact is that it is alright to say to ourselves that we are tired and to let others know it.  If we can’t cope and need a break then we need to be brave enough to admit it, even to ourselves.  If people are being extra demanding of you, especially as we are pulled towards the Christmas season we need to remember that it is alright to say that we aren’t able to do something if we haven’t got the time or feel too tired to.  It’s okay to also ask for help if we need to.

In times past I’d have felt terrible for letting everyone down right now.  I promised happy and inspirational posts to go out every Wednesday, and when I’ve run out of ideas or in this case, just haven’t had the strength or mindspace to write up my idea, then in the past I would get so upset that I’d work myself into a depressive state, feeling like I’d let you all down.  These days I know that it’s okay to say and admit that I haven’t had the time to write up a decent blog post and the futher into the autumn/winter season we get the less I’m able to guarantee one of these inspirational posts.  I am sorry for this and I hope you can all understand, but I won’t work myself up into a depressive state because these days I recognise that need to stay healthy myself in my mind as well as my body and getting upset will not do me or my blog any good.

So don’t ever feel bad for not being able to do something. Even if you’ve promised someone something, don’t feel bad if you later have to back out and say no.  Your own health and wellbeing is the most important thing, and true friends and good people will understand.  Below is a short and silly poem, half of which I stole from an old poem I wrote and finished it off a little better.  I hope you like it and have a lovely day everyone! 🙂 ❤

What’s Happened Here…

©The Strawberry Post

After all that’s happened here,
I’ve been under the weather.
Struggled in mind and thoughts,
Have not felt very clever.
Been taking things more slowly,
Not been feeling well.
Don’t know if you all noticed,
Or was it hard to tell?
My mind has just felt numb,
And been so very tired.
Couldn’t think of an idea,
Or write a post inspired.
So I settled on this poem,
To give you this instead,
And maybe with some rest,
I’ll feel better in my head!

-First half of poem published in February 2017 – edited, added to and now published here.

Do you ever feel too tired to think straight?  Do you worry when you aren’t able to do something because of feeling too tired or overstretched?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂