Title: Alex Rider: The Complete Missions 1-11
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Older children’s/middle grade fiction, Thriller, Action
Book format: Paperback (box set)
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Description (from Amazon):  An essential collection of eleven explosive adventures in the number one bestselling Alex Rider series.
When MI6 recognizes his potential, Alex Rider is armed with gadgets and sent on a secret mission. But little does the teen spy know that this is just the beginning of his adventures. Prepare for action and adrenaline at every turn in this explosive and bestselling series by award-winning author, Anthony Horowitz.

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Review:  Wow, I can’t believe how amazing this box set is! This is the complete set of missions, or books (excluding the short story collection), in the Alex Rider series including the newest 11th book ‘Never Say Die’. The box set comes wrapped in shrink wrap plastic and all eleven books come in a sturdy cardboard box.

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The books in the box all have the latest updated cover images on them. These are the same images you’ll find in the more recently published individual books. As you can see in pictures, when the books are all placed into the cardboard box the spines of all the books have the words Alex rider clearly written across which is a nice touch and makes this feel all the more special to own.

I began reading the Alex Rider series in a backwards manner, by starting with book eleven, but from that book alone the series has gripped me and I’ve since read the collection of short missions called ‘Secret Weapon’ and I’ve been keen on reading the rest of the books which of course now I have this box set I’m going to do!  Although I can’t comment on the whole series yet, from what I’ve already read I can say that this is such an exciting set of novels which are just packed with so much tension, action and adventure.

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Alex Rider is like a kids version of James Bond and it feels very much like watching a movie when you read the books. There’s a lot of action that happens and you never know what’s going to happen next. The missions I’ve read so far have been so gripping and so amazing to read and I’m sure any fan of Alex Rider will love this box set, and also anyone who just loves the idea of an action adventure series with a kid who turns spy.

The books are all paperbacks and of good quality and although they do all fit into the box set nicely, they are also very well packed in so you may need to turn the box book-side down to get at least the first one out! This will make a lovely gift for anyone who loves the Alex Rider series or indeed anyone who may just enjoy such action thriller stories.  Although the books are clearly aimed at kids, I’m sure many older will enjoy the stories too.

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THE BOOKS: (Please note: I will update this review in future with a mini info on each book as I read them.)

Book 11 – Never Say DieAlex is living in America but wants to know what happened to his friend Jack.  Is she really gone or not?  So he sets off to Egypt and then Europe, in order to find out the truth.  A brilliant action thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Have you read any of the Alex Rider series?  What do you think of action thrillers?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂