Item: Kinder Cuddly Toy (Turtle) with Chocolates
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Review: Aww, I really love this Kinder toy with chocolates I recently received as part of my on-going collection of Kinder cuddly toys!  I love to collect cuddly toys, it’s one of the things I’ve collected ever since I was a child and every year, for at least the last three years, I’ve been spotting these Kinder cuddly toys in the shps, which come with chocolates.  They come around Christmas time (and maybe easter) but always feature some new characters every year who are, mostly, nothing to do with Christmas. For my recent birthday I was presented with this latest addition to the series of toys which already includes moose, unicorn and raccoon!

Packaging and contents

The toy comes in a lovely box with Christmas designs on it.  If you lay the box down flat on its back you can see that the side image is like a fun little Kinder Christmas train!  The cuddly toy comes packed into the box with its feet hidden inside a hole.  You can pull him out from the top if you want to preserve the cardboard ‘train’, and then attempt to pull out the chocolates which sit beneath him, or you can open and unfold the whole box which is sealed on the side with some tape to get to everything.

Kinder Turtle with Chocolates outside of box
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As described on the box, the toy comes with two packs of Kinder Chocolate Minis.  One bag should have 6 chocolate minis, the other 7 chocolate minis with cereals.  In this box however I have two bags of minis with cereals (which is a bonus as cereals aren’t available to buy in mini sizes usually)!


The turtle (or tortoise – it doesn’t say which) is such a cute one to have and is of good quality.   He’s stuffed reasonably well with the legs feeling a little thinner than the rest of the body which is stuffed well and the head which is a good size and stiffly stuffed so it can hold the eyes and not lose it’s shape.  He’s able to sit propped up against something, but is not able to stand on his own unless he slumps forwards in a slightly awkward way kind of half on his legs half on his stomach.

Kinder Turtle toy front image
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The fur the toy is made of is really soft, like almost rabbit soft but of course it’s synthetic.  I’m surprised with just how soft he feels as many of the cuddly toys I’ve seen over the years (I collect them and have probably over 100! 😮 ) just don’t feel as lovely as this. 🙂  The stitching looks good and he even holds an official Kinder label.

Kinder Turtle toy side image sitting
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The only part of the toy that aren’t soft as his eyes which are very large plastic eyes which just look so cute.  They are stuck on really well and I don’t think this toy would have any issues being handled by children and pulled about a bit, it’s a really good quality toy and don’t you just love that face? 😀  I can’t help but love the smile he has (that expression from the front is just so funny) and he just looks so very cute and happy.  I also love the slight hoods of fabric over his eyes, giving him a classic turtle/tortoise look! The shell has a lovely pattern marking, and Kinder have even given him a little tiny tail at the back, completing his look. 😀  It’s a lovely addition to my already large collection of Kinder cuddly toys (and even larger collection of cuddly toys in general which I’ve collected over the years) and it’s definitely a toy that, despite having little to do with Christmas (which seems to be the point with these Kinder toys, lol), many kids will love!

Kinder Turtle toy back image standing on all fours
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The chocolates are all Kinder chocolate minis with cereals in this particular set (which is an obvious mistake as all the past toys I collected always featured one bag of each type), but I’ve had the chance to try some Chcolate Minis without the cereals in the past as well as these.  What I like straight away about the Kinder brand itself is how all the chocolate they make is in small portions.  These minis in particular are so small that there’s only a couple of small pieces of a full chocolate in each individual foil wrap.  It’s no bigger than having about two small advent chocolates, so great if you want to keep children from eating too much sugar at once.  Each chocolate mini is also in a little plastic foil wrapped packet with a lovely Christmas design and Christmas creatures to spot on each chocolate, kids can try to see how many different characters they spot (which is something I loved doing at as a child).

Kinder Turtle Chocolate Minis with cereals
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The Kinder Chocolate minis have a lovely white chocolate centre with a coating of milk chocolate on the outside.  The Minis with cereals are the same, however they also contain a variety of puffed cereals inside the white chocolate too, and also have a slightly different shape to the chocolate minis (usually with little wheat images marked into the top of each chocolate piece).  There’s a lot of different cereals that are puffed including spelt and rice, but they largely all taste the same when eating the chocolates.  What I like about it though is just how many cereals you get in each bite, it’s definitely more than you think you’ll get making these chocs slightly healthier as there’s less sugar than the ones with only white chocolate inside.

The chocolate is a lovely texture and it does melt in the mouth too, and the best part for me is how small the ingredients list is.  There is a clear label of all the ingredients including the flavour which is vanilin (many manufacturers don’t tell you what the flavourings are so could be adding any ‘secret ingredients’ to your products!).  And there are no horrible ingredients, just the basic ones you’d expect to find in chocolate.

Kinder Turtle toy front image face
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Overall I’d really recommend this lovely toy and chocolate pack.  If you’re keen on letting kids have a chocolate treat but don’t want them to have too much then the Kinder chocolates in this toy and choc pack are brilliant for that as each one is individually wrapped and you can (if you want to) control how much your kids eat.  The toy that comes with it is just one of many different designs in the Kinder range, and I can’t help but love how cute this turtle is!  He’s a very different toy than you’d expect to get on Christmas morning, not a cuddly reindeer or snowman, but he’s very cute and will bring lots of fun and cuddles to whoever gets him.  I can’t help but keep looking back at his fun expression and for a toy that’s not too expensive it’s a good buy for kids (or even for yourself 😉 ).

Kinder Turtle toy with Chocolates in box
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Do you like Kinder toys or chocolates?  What about cuddly toys in general?  What toys are you getting your kids for Christmas or which ones did you enjoy getting when you were younger?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂