Happy Monday everyone and how was your Christmas, if you celebrated?  So Christmas for me has been wonderful and I’ve received some lovely presents from some lovely people, some of which I wanted to share with you.  This is only a few of the gifts that I received but I wanted to let you know what you might be seeing reviews of some time in the future (I just love to review stuff, lol). 🙂  I’ve not received much in the way of books this year – but the amount of books I’ve gotten from publishers over 2019 kind of makes up for that 😉 – although I have received two classics that I have been wanting to read for some time.  Some of those close to me have also definitely fed into my obsession with cuddly toys and added to my large collection!  These will all be spending time on top of my bed when I’m not under the covers, probably. 🙂

First to the books and this (technically now last) year I got two classics, I’ll explain more about why I love these gifts below:

Christmas 2019 haul classics
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I love Wordsworth Classics, they are currently my favourite type as they include helpful notes and introductions and I personally just like the cover images of a lot of them.  These two classics I’ve wanted to read for a while and I especially love that front cover of the book on the left! 🙂  The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas is a HUGE book!  It has well over 800 pages and the text is a touch smaller than in most classic books.  I’ve seen a couple of movies/dramas of this and it’s really made me want to read the original book as there’s no way those dramas could ever fit in over 800 pages of story!  This plus an endorsement by my Mum who apparently read this 3 times in a row (re-starting it as soon as she finished) back when she was a teenager, how could I not read this!?  An interesting note that’s written on the back cover is that the English translater was never named…I wonder why?🤔

The next classic book is The War of the Worlds & The War in the Air by H. G Wells.  I’ve never seen or read The War of the Worlds before but I do love and have read H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine and some other tales which were included in the books I read.  There have been a few adaptations of this and it’s made me more keen to read the original story.  This Wordsworth Classic also includes The War in the Air a story I have to admit I hadn’t heard of but it sounds interesting too.


Now, on to my lovely toy collection, there are two sets of toy types I forgot to photograph them together so here’s the first:

Kinder Dalmatian with Chocolates feature image
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You may have seen my recent review of the Kinder Cuddly Toy (Turtle) with Chocolates.  Well this is another toy to add to my collection, a quite lovely and round dalmatian from the Kinder collection. 🙂  He is very cute and features a very round belly, probably from all the Kinder chocolates he’s been eating, lol 🙂

Christmas 2019 haul toys
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I’ve already got a lovely collection of cuddly toys which I confess I’ve been a collector of since childhood (I think I never quite grew up!) but I never owned ty toys until the last few years.  I started with a collection of Beanie Ballz but this has now turned into a love of Beanie Boos, these cute animal babies with such huge eyes that they stare right at you with their cuteness!

This selection of five are so cute and don’t you just want to cuddle them?  There are two seals, a fish, a poodle and can you guess the cute one on the left?…It’s Orson the Ostrich baby! 😍😍  I don’t think people are ever too old to be given a cute cuddly toy,  especially if just looking at them and occassionally cuddling them when you feel sad (if a pet’s not there) makes you feel happier. 🙂


So, this was a short little post but these have been some of the presents I’ve been lucky enough to receive by some lovely people in my life.  I have received a few others including some lovely stationary but I haven’t taken any pictures of those.  It’s likely you’ll see more of the books and toys in future review posts, although I can’t say exactly when, just that they will eventually appear. 🙂  In the meantime, tell me what did you received for Christmas?  Did you get any books or other things you’d love to talk about?  Let me know and I wish you all a happy and lovely start to 2020! 🙂 ❤

What did you get for Christmas?  Did you hope to get something but didn’t or have you treated yourself to a gift?  What gifts did you buy someone else?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂