Yesterday I posted a short poem/message to everyone about the new year.  Today is the official start of 2020 and I wanted to share yet another poem I wrote some time ago.  I’m not just sharing the below poem because I can’t be bothered to write up a new one (although I am taking it easy this week 😉 ), in fact I want the message of the poem, the message about the new year to sink in with everyone, so we all look forward to and focus on what’s good rather than the bad stuff.

How to start 2020:

I really hope and wish we all have a wonderful 2020, filled with magical experiences and all our hopes and dreams realised.  No matter what sort of year you had in 2019, a new year is a fresh new start so don’t dwell on the past, don’t think about all the things you didn’t achieve last year, or all the things you wish had gone better.  Don’t worry about not achieving things this year or worry about making new year resolutions you might not fulfill.  Just focus on the positive side of things, see the new year as a chance to start afresh and no matter what sort of year you’ve had last year, this year can always be better.  Stay positive, look after yourselves and let’s look forward to a good 2020! ❤ 🙂

Happy New Year!

Whether last year was long or short,
We look back at things and see,
Some good things did happen,
While others not meant to be.

But no matter how last year,
Had turned out for you,
Whether filled with celebration,
Or something else more blue.

A new year is upon us,
A chance to set free,
Have a new beginning,
Become a new you and me.

So hold up a glass,
Of water, wine or beer.
And toast to the future,
To a brand new, new year.

You never know what will happen,
So choose to see the best,
And may your 2020,
Be wonderfully blessed.

-Poem first appeared online December 2016 – now edited and republished here.

Do you look forward to the new year or worry about it?  What what your highlight of last year or what do you hope will happen in 2020?  Let me know what think in the comments below 🙂