I know the year has already started but last year I did this tag which showed some of the books I hoped or was looking forward to reading in 2019.  I achieved some of my resolutions which you can see by clicking here, but I thought it would be fun to repeat the same tag this year, except my answers will obviously have changed to what I hope to get reading in 2020 🙂  If you’d like to do this tag then feel free and let me know what your bookish resolutions are for the year ahead…

1.  An author you’d like to read that you’ve never read?

Jules Verne.  I’ve not read a Jules Verne book yet, although I have picked up a bunch of classics that were going cheap recently, with him as part of it.  I really enjoy H. G. Wells though so I think I’ll enjoy some Jules Verne too 🙂

2. A book you’d like to read?

Well this is a nightmare isn’t it?  Trying to pick one out of a ridiculously long list of books that I want to read.  I have so many it’s definitely difficult for me to choose but if I had to choose then I’d really like to read The Testaments by Margaret Atwood.  I read The Handmaid’s Tale a long time ago back at college (the TV drama is okay but I do think the original book is better and more dark) and I’d really like to see what’s happened since.

3. A classic you’d like to read?

I’d love to read almost all of them, and I keep finding new ones I’d not heard of that I want to read.  One that I really want to get reading though is The Double by Fyodor Dostoevsky.  I’ve read Crime and Punishment which I really did enjoy, especially as it poses a lot of interesting questions and is a psychological play on the main character who murders someone, and with the police.  And knowing I like Dostoevsky’s style means I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy other works by him, and the description for The Double is just so intriguing: a man who goes slowly mad while constantly seeming to encounter a double of himself. 🙂

4. A book you’d like to re-read?

After finishing off the trilogy, I would love to just re-live all the excitement of the Scythe series.  All three books: Scythe, Thunderhead and The Toll were just amazing reads and I have wanted to re-read them right after I finished.  I’m not sure if I’ll do that this year, but if I get time, I definitely will 😀

5. A book you’ve had for ages and want to read?

On the Come Up by Angie Thomas.  I feel bad as I got behind and forgot that I hadn’t read this, so this is one book I really want to get through and read as soon as possible.

6. A big book you’d like to read?

Pride and Prejudice – I’ve seen the 90s adaptation on television, I even own the series on double video cassette, but there’s nothing like reading it and hurting your hands while holding open this huge book! 🙂

7. An author you’ve previously read and would like to read more of?

I read The Butterfly Circus a while ago which is by Francesca Armour-Chelu.  That book was so compelling I just kept reading it and reading it, I think I finished it off in just one day!  I’d love to read more from her (as well as so many other authors out there!)

8. A book you got for Christmas and would like to read?

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.  You can see the cover which I’m just in love with in my Christmas Gift Haul post here.

9. A series you want to read from start to finish?

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.  I’ve read the first book City of Bones but so far haven’t read the rest despite being given this lovely box set by a publisher before Christmas.  I really want to get into this series as there’s so many books that are parts of the whole world she has created.  It’s one of my goals this year to get the rest of the books read 🙂

10. A series you want to finish that you’ve already started?

I know that maybe this is where I should have answered The Mortal Instruments but the fact is that I have too many series I’ve started and I want to finish them all off this year if I can.  There’s a couple that I really want to finish and that is the Lady Helen trilogy by Alison Goodman and the Silent Sea Chronicles by Suzanne Rogerson.  In both trilogies I’ve read the first two books and only have the third left but I really want to finish them this year and tick them off on my reading list 🙂

11. Do you set reading goals?  If so how many books do you want to read in 2020?

Last year I set a goal of 100 books on Goodreads (which of course includes picture books).  At some point I thought I wouldn’t make it but I just scraped in.  This year I’m thinking of just setting the same goal or maybe I’ll try for 105 books, but I’d rather complete the challenge successfully than be disappointed by failure.

12. Any other reading goals?

I really want to get ahead of the books that I have on my tbr (to be read) pile.  I’ve lapsed a bit in keeping up with all the books I’ve gotten from publishers and I really want to be on top of my list and only ever have a handful of books that need reviewing rather than two (or a few) handfuls.  So I’m going to really plough ahead this year and get into reading them to catch up.  I’d also love to make more time for reading more non-fiction and classic books too as I used to read more than I have recently.

13. (my own additional question as I had resolutions last year) Are there any reading goals from last year that you’d like to carry into this year?

Last year I said I’d like to read J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and indeed this is still the case.  I really want to read the whole Harry Potter series (I never have 😮 ) but I just didn’t have the time with so many other books. I’m not sure if I’ll get the time this year either, unless I get through my big list of books from publishers first.  A lot of my resolutions are similar from last year, I’d still love to read War and Peace and the finish off the two series of Caraval and Strange the Dreamer.  But as much as I’d like to make all these resolutions I think I’ll just stick with one and carry this one forward to the new year: Finish off the Lady Helen trilogy, that way I’ll know I’ve completed this goal and can look back proud next year 🙂

So that’s it, these are my booksih resolutions and we can see how well I stick to them when I come to doing this tag next year (I think I’ll make this a yearly tag from now on 😀 )!  If you’d like to do this tag for yourselves then please do 🙂  I don’t know who made the tag or where it comes from but if you’d like to, you can tag me and let me know that you’ve done the tag by commenting the link below (or adding a link to this post in your own if you are a wordpress user) and that way I can see your answers too. 

Whatever your booksih resolutions are this year.  Good luck everyone and happy reading! 🙂

What are your bookish resolutions?  Are there certain books you’d like to read, or a certain amount of books?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂