Item: Ty Beanie Boos Pierre
Item type: Cuddly Toy
Brand/manufacturer: Ty
Toy range: Beanie Boos
Toy reviewed: Pierre (seal)
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Review:  I can’t believe how cute Pierre the seal is! Part of the Beanie Boos range of TY toys, Pierre is a pink seal who is just so cute and lovely to cuddle. In the small size, advertised to be about 15cm (6 inches) in length, although I think this doesn’t count his muzzle or his back flippers, Pierre just manages to fit on my entire hand from fingers to wrist.

TY Beanie Boos Pierre feature image
©The Strawberry Post

I started collecting Beanie Ballz some time ago but now they’ve been retired from shops where I live I’ve now now moved into collecting the small Beanie Boos. This pink seal toy was a Christmas gift for me and I just can’t help but love how cute he is! He’s a pastel pink colour and has the classic TY heart tag with a poem inside and a birthday of January 22nd. Like all the TY range of toys I’ve had so far, beaing a beanie toy, he has some beans in his belly which help keep him sat firmly on his stomach, although the majority of him is all soft fluff with a lovely pink fur that is extra soft to the touch.

TY Beanie Boos Pierre image two
©The Strawberry Post

He looks very well made with no problems of stitching. He comes with a hard plastic nose and hard plastic eyes which are extra large (a trait of the Beanie Boos range). The eyes are clever and I never quite know how they do this but not only are the eyes glittery inside, but the black pupils seem to follow you wherever you stand near Pierre. Not all cuddly toys have eyes that do this and it just makes him feel more cute and real (something I’m sure will delight kids).

TY Beanie Boos Pierre image one
Look at that smile! 🙂  – ©The Strawberry Post

I don’t think anyone who loves cuddly toys could resist Pierre, whether a child or adult! He is so cute, the pink is just perfect (my favourite colour) and the fur just so soft. He’s also the perfect shape for cuddling against your chest or you can try holding him on your hand and he just stays there, lol. The eyes just make him look all the more amazing too, especially if you can get the glitter inside them to reflect in some light. I would definitely recommend Pierre for anyone who loves a cute cuddly toy or who loves seals in general. He’s a very cute shade of pink but also a boy which makes a lovely contrast to the idea that pink is always for girls.

Do you like cuddly toys or beanie toys, what about the TY toy range?  What about seals or the colour pink?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂