Title: Art for Mindfulness: Winter Wonderland
Illustrators: Lizzie Harper & Christina Hart-Davies
Publisher: Harper Thorsons
Genre: Colouring
Book format: Paperback
Sweet Strawberries: Sweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet StrawberrySweet Strawberry

Review: I bought this at a local store when I saw just how beautiful and lovely all the images are. The book is around A4 in size, slightly wider and shorter, and is very thick. It’s got more pages than the Art Therapy, Colour Therapy, etc. books. Each page is crisp white and very thick so pens will work on this book. Inside the book there are a few example pages that show a handful of images you can find inside that are slightly coloured in. After that there’s an introduction and then each double page has an image on the right with an inspirational quote on the left. All of the pages are set out in this way so it makes each colouring page one sided, perfect if you like to use colouring pens.

Art for Mindfulness Winter Wonderland book page image one
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The pictures are all detailed and realistic and although they all have a wintery theme, you’ve got a range of different images. A lot of the pictures are of the country, scenes of snow covered gardens, graveyards, open fields. Plenty of them feature animals too such as owls and a squirrel. Other images are of town or indoor life such as stockings hanging on the fireplace, a Christmas market, trees being sold on a busy city street and even row houses with lots of snow falling in front of them. Then there are a few pages of just snowflakes to colour in with intricate designs and what I feel is the most random image, two emperor penguins and their chick – sweet!

Art for Mindfulness Winter Wonderland book page image two
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Although some of the images are very detailed there are others such as the stockings, wood in a fireplace and the cat and dog at the fireplace which are slightly simpler. I see these as the perfect images to get creative and add designs to the rug under the cat and dog, or to draw my own circles to show the wood grain in the logs.

Art for Mindfulness Winter Wonderland book page image three
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I’d really recommend this book to anyone of any age who loves colouring and wintery scenes. The randomness of so many images means that everyone’s bound to find an image or few they enjoy. The realistic look of the pictures also makes them a joy to colour in as they are just so lovely to look at on their own. The inspirational quotes, real ones with their author named underneath, area  nice touch too and it’s a lovely mix to have these included. Overall there’s so much colouring to do that it’s well worth the price, and although there are a few more Christmassy images with stockings for example, it can be enjoyed as a general winter colouring book (or if you’re like me you’ll enjoy it all year round)!

Do you like to read inspirational quotes when colouring in?  What colouring books do you have or enjoy using?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂