Today marks the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the day is marked now each year on the 27th January as Holocaust Memorial Day (at least here in the UK).  Although the camp was liberated and the Second World War in Europe was in its last few months, this day is one with mixed feelings as the horrors of the Holocaust and what happened to millions of not only Jews, but many other people, is remembered.

The Second World War and Holocaust Memorial day in general for me always brings up strong emotions.  Most of my extended family come from Eastern Europe and mainly Poland and although they were not Jewish, many were taken to various concentration camps and some died during the war while others lived but with the horrors of what happened and what happened to them afterwards.  Knowing some of this past of my relatives, and the fate of so many millions of others has always been difficult to process for me.  At times I still find it so unbelievable that such atrocities could have been done by other human beings and less than a hundred years ago!

Today, being the 75th year anniversary, I felt it was doubly important to post something for this occassion.  And so I’ve gone with a poem which I hope you will like.  It may stir some emotions in some of you, it has for me while writing it, but I hope you do like it and it does have a generally positive message. ❤

An Important Time to Remember…

©The Strawberry Post

An important time to remember,
Those who were left behind,
As we promise we’ll never suffer,
The same fate of being so blind.

To mark out some as different,
To seperate, try to erase,
Those who do not fit,
The ideal of human race.

Cannot change what has been done,
But can learn and truly see,
That we are all so alike,
And deserve to all be free.

That not one is all above,
Each soul is just the same,
Inside there is no difference,
Regardless of skin or name.

An important time to remember,
To treat others with true kind,
And promise we’ll never suffer,
Past fate of being so blind.

What do you think of the poem?  Are you commemorating this day in any way?  Have any of your family or anyone you know had links to the Holocaust?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂