In this last of three book haul posts showing off all the books I got at the same time in the last week of January, this time there are two YA (young adult) fantasy books from the lovely people at Shrine Bell, an imprint of publisher Vertebrate Publishing.  I’m super excited to get reading these two books as they form the rest of The Snowdonia Chronicles trilogy.  I read this trilogy out of order (unfortunately), by reading book two first (you can see my review for this here).  It’s a good book and can be read alone, but I really needed to have read the first book to have really understood a certain relationship all the better.  I’m so excited I can now read the first book plus the final which is just being released this month!

Here are the books although warning, reading the second blurb might reveal a teeny bit plot from the earlier books! :

January Book Haul from Shrine Bell
©The Strawberry Post

Here Be Dragons by Sarah Mussi – Ellie Morgan wants a boy who’s all hers. Just for once, it would be nice to meet someone that Sheila (the cow) hadn’t got her claws in to.
A remote farmhouse on Mount Snowdon is hardly the ideal setting for meeting anyone unless, of course, you count her best friend George or creepy Darren (which Ellie doesn’t). But when a boy, glimpsed through the mist and snow, lures her up to the Devil’s Bridge, Ellie realises the place she knows so well still has its secrets …
The stronger her feelings for this strange boy become, the more she is in danger: a battle as old as Snowdon itself has been raging for centuries and now Ellie’s caught in the middle.
Something has left its lair.
It’s out there stalking her.
Who ever said true love was easy?

Here Be Wizards by Sara Mussi – Ellie s dreams of being with Henry, her ONE TRUE LOVE, are not going to happen. Not while Henry is trapped under a mountain BATTLING with his arch-enemy, the EVIL WHITE DRAGON.
But when FLAMES from the FAE LANDS of Annwyn incinerate Snowdon, Ellie needs Henry to stop the fire spreading and that means defeating the White Dragon ONCE AND FOR ALL.
With best friends, dependable George and embarrassing/brave Rhi, Ellie sets out to locate a MAGICAL SWORD, find a WIZARD that can slay a dragon and finally FREE Henry.
As WILD FIRE sweeps through the mountains, Ellie and her friends have little time to journey into the LETHAL REALM of the Fae Lands and SAVE their beloved SNOWDONIA.

I really can’t wait to get reading on these two, and to understand book two all the more! 😀  These book covers also look beautiful with sparkly bits making them even more gorgeous and me even more eager to start reading!  As usual, I’ll get reviews done as fast as I am able for these books.  But you can look forward to seeing them on this blog in the coming weeks.  You can check out what I’m currently reding by visiting my Goodreads page or checking out my Instagram, where I update you on what I’m currently reading. 😀 And in the meantime check out my review for book two Here Be Witches. 🙂

Have you read the Snowdonia Chronicles?  What trilogies do you enjoy?  What books are you looking forward to reading?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂