This is a poem that was inspired by a visit to the London Pet Show over three years ago.  I saw plenty of different animals when there including some not so easy to spot lizards.  This particular one amost escaped my notice until someone else pointed him (or her) out to me.  This cute lizard was hiding near the top of his box and was quite happy to blend in to the environment, as were many others who, if viewed at the wrong angle, couldn’t be seen at all!  Anyway that visit and this lizard pictured above inspired this poem.  I hope you like this short and fun little rhyme 🙂

Elastic Skin

©The Strawberry Post

You do not see,
You have not spied,
Where I stay,
Where I hide.

All you see,
Leaf or bark,
In the light,
In the dark.

A secret skin,
Colour change,
Keeps me safe,
With you in range.

So, you’ll not see,
Will not spy,
Where I stay,
Where I lie.

Poem first appeared online October 2017 – now republished here.

Do you like lizards?  Have you visited the London Pet Show or other pet shows before?  What are your favourite animals or pets?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂