Title: The Menagerie: Animal Portraits to Colour
Illustrators: Richard Merritt & Claire Scully
Publisher: LOM Art
Genre: Colouring
Book format: Paperback
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Review:  This book is so lovely and so amazing I had to buy it right away! It’s become one of my favourite colouring books. The Menagerie is about the same size as Fantastic Cities, for those that have that book, it’s about A4ish in height and the same across, so a lovely big square book :). The thickness is really good, about the thickness of other books I buy like Millie Marotta books, or a touch less, so lots of pages to colour in.

The Menagerie book page image one
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Each page of The Menagerie has a different portrait of an animal. This is usually its head and perhaps up to its shoulders. All of the pages are printed on one side of each page and each page is nice crisp white and all have a good thickness so it’s great for using both pens or pencils :)!  The animals are all in black and white, no pre-coloured bits, except for the few bits of foliage on some pages.  All of the pictures are so detailed it’s really amazing.  One of the artists, Richard Merritt, actually does a lot of illustrations for the books, Art Therapy, Colour Therapy, etc.  which I have owned and have enjoyed colouring in for years.  And I’m now recognising which pieces of colouring in those books are his (I think!).  Both artists work in this book is amazing!

The Menagerie book page image two
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There really is a lot of colouring to do and all of the animal pictures are just amazing.  They are all pretty realistic and some are so, so cute that I want to hug the page I’m looking at (does that sound weird?), lol.  Each page as I said is printed on one side and they are also perforated at the side near the spine too, so you can carefully tear out your picture when you’re done colouring it and hang it up! There are so many different animals to colour in and so much colouring in to do with each animal that this book is definitely worth getting if you love colouring in animals and I’d really recommend this book to anyone of any age!

The Menagerie book page image three
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This is a list of all the animals that are available to colour (although my favourites at the moment are the moose, highland cow and the panda 🙂 ) – Bengal Tiger, Eastern Gorilla, Badger, Impala, British Bulldog, black rhino, fox, bighorn sheep, panda, ring-tail lemur, llama, hippo, rabbit, elephant, Arabian horse, koala, brown bear, highland cow, kangaroo, red panda, red deer, Norwegian forest cat, giraffe leopard, otter, mandrill, zebra, wolf, herdwick sheep, moose lion.

Do you enjoy colouring books?  What about books featuring animals?  What is your favourite animals?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂