Once again it’s World Book Day, a day that celebrates reading and tries to encourage reading for all children and teens as well as giving them the chance to own their own book via special £1 book tokens that are given away to each child/teen.  While the day is aimed at those ages, I think World Book Day can be celebrated by everyone as a chance to read a book or encourage those who may be reluctant to try reading and celebrate the joys of imagination that you can find in a good book!  Below is a fun little poem I put together for the day, and if you want more information on World Book Day visit the official site here: https://www.worldbookday.com/

Today is #WorldBookDay

©The Strawberry Post

The 5th March, is World Book Day,
A time to enjoy, sky sunny or grey,
To go to school, in different clothes,
That parent buys, borrows or sews.

A chance to look, like character fave,
While receive token, that teachers gave,
To feel excited, and have some fun,
And compare the costumes, of everyone.

But don’t forget, what today’s about,
And if you’re worried, then have no doubt,
No matter in past, your reading skill,
Today can lead, to a happy thrill.

Books are thing, we can all enjoy,
Whether you’re adult, girl or boy,
So celebrate today, begin the deed,
Open a book, and have a read.

Do you like the poem?  Are you and/or your children going to be celebrating World Book day?  Any plans for dressing up?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂