Title: The Pets at Primrose Cottage: Part Three Trust Your Heart
Author: Sheila Norton
Publisher: Ebury Digital
Genre: Contemporary
Book format: Digital (pre-release copy)
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Description:  Emma Nightingale finds she’s accidentally becoming something of a local celebrity in the small town of Crickleford, and it seems that everyone wants her to look after their pets.
While looking after a hamster, she accidentally uncovers a mystery that threatens to draw even more attention to her. With nowhere to turn, soon Emma will have to make a decision that could cost her everything…

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Review:  This review may contain slight spoilers if you haven’t read about parts one and two yet (links to other parts below review):
Oh wow how emotional I’ve been over the way this part ended! Part Three of this serialised novel begins with Emma overcome by a fever when a nasty animal bite has her hospitalised for a short while. Finally back at Primrose Cottage and back to her work as a pet sitter for the small town of Crickleford she finally starts to confront her own feelings, but can she really begin to trust people when she’s told them so many untruths.

I really enjoyed this third part of the story. Emma’s tale gets more intriguing as we get a glimpse into what happened to make her leave America. It’s all still a mystery but the way this story is slowly unfolding is just so exciting and interesting. As usual there’s lots more pet sitting involved with some new pets as well as ones we’ve met before. There’s a very interesting story of a hamster this time and I loved the way it’s described, the cute and silly behaviour and the interesting side story that follows. The way the animal stories weave in and out of Emma’s own is just perfect and makes you want to smile with how heartwarming they are.

I was a bit disappointed with part two, but this one is far more interesting. Emma’s own story is no longer just meandering slowly along, you can feel the suspense rising as we’re reaching the ending. The story between Emma and Matt takes an interesting turn and I couldn’t help but feel a bit sad and emotional with how this part of the story ends, it’s again a bit of a cliff-hanger moment as you wonder what’s going to happen and I’m going to delve into part four right away as I just can’t wait!

There’s nothing offensive in this part of the novel and indeed in the whole book and I’m sure many teens and adults would love to read this but if you do, begin with part one first, or read the whole book as this has since become available as a whole book rather than in serialised parts. I can’t wait for the part four of this novel, and I’m sure everyone reading this will book feel the same.

-Review first appeared online July 2018 – now republished here.

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