Title: Little Baby’s Playtime: A Finger Wiggle Book
Author: Sally Symes
Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Baby Book/Young children’s picture book, Activity
Book format: Board book
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Description:  Wiggle wiggle!
Pop your fingers through the holes for wiggles and giggles at every turn of the page.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a very cute and fun board book which will definitely provide a lot of giggles when reading! ‘Little Baby’s Playtime’ is around the size of an A5 piece of paper, although square and is filled with lovely colourful illustrations and some text on glossy and strong boards. The edges of the book are all rounded and there are no sharp parts to the holes where fingers go so this book won’t hurt baby’s hands while using/reading.

Little Baby's Playtime book page image one
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I really like the idea of this book, every page, including the front and back cover, has a fun image of a baby having fun, and each of these double pages has two holes in them where a baby’s legs should go. These holes are for you to put your fingers through and wiggle them about, as if your fingers are the baby’s legs. Along with the picture and finger wiggling fun, every double page has a short line of text on the left about what the baby is doing, these rhyme every two pages and just add an extra element of fun.

Little Baby's Playtime book page image two
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The illustrations are so clear and vibrant and I love how cute and fun the babies on each page look. This really does look like a fun book and when you wiggle your fingers through the holes it leads to the young ones just giggling. You can also get the young children to put their fingers through the holes if they want to, leading to more fun.

Little Baby's Playtime book page image three showing fingers wiggling
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There’s something so fun about something so silly and simple as wiggling your fingers through the book’s pages, but your fingers do end up looking like the baby’s in the picture and you can have so much fun making young kids smile though this wonderfully simple and fun book. A very fun book I’m sure many will enjoy.

What do you think of this book?  Have you ever enjoyed finger wiggle books?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂