Title: The Pets at Primrose Cottage: Part Four No Place Like Home
Author: Sheila Norton
Publisher: Ebury Digital
Genre: Contemporary
Book format: Digital (pre-release copy)
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Description:  With Emma’s past threatening to ruin her life in quiet Crickleford, she’s running out of options. If people – especially Matt, her reporter friend – find out her secret, it might force her to leave the place she’s come to think of as home.
When flooding strikes the town while Emma is looking after an elderly couple’s dog, she has to take her biggest risk yet – but could this be the one that blows her cover for good? And if it does, can Crickleford – and Matt – ever accept Emma for who she truly is?

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Review:  This review may contain minor spoilers if you haven’t read about the previous three parts (links to reviews of other parts below).
Aw, I really love this book and how the whole story wraps up nicely. ‘No Place Like Home’ is the fourth and final part of the serialised novel ‘The Pets at Primrose Cottage’ which can now be bought as a whole book as well as in these four parts. After finally revealing the truth to Matt, Emma worries about her future in Crickleford. But soon her worries turn to the river, and it’s ever increasing water level. When it bursts its banks in the middle of a pet sitting job, Emma must save not only herself but some of Crickleford’s residents, both human and animal.

After the cliff hanger ending of part three I was desperate to read this to find out what happens. The book begins with Emma finding out what’s happened to her Albert before moving onto showing us how Matt truly took the news that she shared. I really liked the way this story unfolded. The characters are all so likeable, and although I felt the story had a predictability to it, especially with how it ends, I still wanted to watch the drama of Emma and her life in the small town unfold. The flooding river story was exciting and it was nice to see what happened to the one animal who Emma had problems with earlier. I have to admit that although the whole story is a typical heartwarming one, I still didn’t expect events to turn out quite as they did, especially after the flooding of the river, when Emma and Matt are alone.

The final part of this story does feel shorter than the other parts, but we finally discover the truth about what happened in America and I loved the way the characters all acted towards Emma at the end of the story and the whole newspaper tale. I also liked the extra part of the story about Emma’s reading, it made her character feel even more relatable. The animal stories continue to feature in this book, this time featuring a lovely dog and a very naughty budgie which made me laugh. The animal stories really made this book all the more enjoyable although I would have happily read this for Emma’s story alone. The overall ending is not only heartwarming but really sweet. I was smiling so much after reading this, it’s one of those books that puts you in a good mood when you read it and I really hope Sheila Norton continues to write more books like this and The Vets at Hope Green, which is similar and which I also enjoyed.

I’d recommend The Pets at Primrose Cottage to everyone, especially people who love animals and a lovely contemporary, feel-good story with some romance thrown in. There’s nothing offensive in the series and teens and adults will enjoy it. It’s not a surprising story, it’s predictable what will happen from the start, and sometimes Emma’s character felt a little bit clueless to what is obvious, but it’s a lovely read nonetheless. I love the journey the characters go on and the overall country setting. I feel a bit sad now I’ve finished this book, I can’t wait to read more like it.

-Review first appeared online July 2018 – now republished here.

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