Title: Shh! We Have A Plan
Author: Chris Haughton
Illustrator: Chris Haughton
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s picture book
Book format: Board book (as part of Shh: A Chris Haughton Boxed Set)
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Description:  Who is that creeping through the woods?
Shh! They have a plan…

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a funny and silly story that will make children, and even adults laugh. ‘Shh! We Have a Plan’ is a small board book with thick board pages that are matt in texture and have very colourful illustrations and some text. The pages are all rounded on the edges so they won’t hurt young children’s hands which is good. The story is a simple one. Four friends are walking through the woods, they spot a bird, they want to catch it. The youngest of the four, though, just wants to say hello and tries to call out to the bird, but the others sush him, they have a plan…

Shh! We Have a Plan book page image one
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The story is a repetitive but very funny one with the characters who all have a plan constantly missing the chance to catch the bird in their nets. Each time the youngest one tries to call to the bird he’s shushed and each time they try to catch the bird, they fail. The way the fail is very funny, and the story follows such a simple pattern that I can imagine so many children loving the constant repeating of ‘Shh! We have a plan’. The ending is a simple one but very funny too, I really like the way the birds look, especially towards the end when they get fed up, the expression is so funny! The expression on the face of the youngest friend on the last page is so funny too, it’s a sort of ‘here we go again’ moment and I just love that ending!

The book works so well and has such a simple story, but it’s even more brilliant because of those illustrations. I really like the way all the characters look and the expressions on them all. The designs are quite simple and yet really do work well and although a lot of the pages have a blue theme running through them, there are other beautiful vivid colours for the birds, for example, and it is a lovely contrast to the blue.

Shh! We Have a Plan book page image two
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This really is a funny book to read and I’d recommend it for all young children. It’s got a great repetitiveness to it that children will love and I do think many adults reading this will also find the story funny too!

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