Title: Guess How Much I Love You Book & Baby Cards: A Baby Milestone Gift Set
Author: Sam McBratney
Illustrations: Anita Jeram
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s picture book, Baby set
Book format: Board book & baby milestone cards
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Description:  This enchanting board book comes with 24 gorgeous cards for recording important milestones in your baby’s life.  Simply take a photo of your little one with the card for a beautiful way to capture and share memories.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review: This is such a lovely set and perfect to give to anyone who’s having or just had a baby. This set contains the board book ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ as well as a lovely set of baby milestones cards which you can use to both keep track of those special baby days and use the cards in photographs so you won’t forget that special photograph and the significant moment your baby had at the time it was taken.

Guess How Much I Love You Baby Set image one
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The whole book and card set box is around A4 in length though less wide and has a small board book and baby milestone cards wrapped in a bow. Both the board book and the cards are thick and glossy (the baby milestone cards have a matt finish on the reverse). The book is filed with colourful illustrations and text and the cards have beautiful borders and illustrations with space to fill in your own text as well as a lovely border on the reverse. Both the book and cards are also finished off with round edges that aren’t sharp which is good if baby touches then as they won’t hurt.

Guess How Much I Love You Baby Set image two
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The Book:
Many people already know the story to ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ but for those that don’t, this is a lovely tale. Before bed time Little Nut Brown Hare wants to show Big Nut Brown Hare how much he loves him. First he stretches his arms out and says he loves him this much, but Big Nut Brown Hare’s arms are longer and he stretches them out to show how much he loves him. The rest of the story is predictable but very sweet as both hares continue to show each other how much they love each other. For those that haven’t read it, I won’t spoil the ending but it’s very sweet and a lovely tale to read with kids whether before bedtime or not.

Guess How Much I Love You Baby Set image three
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The illustrations in the book are lovely, there are pictures on every page among the story text and each of the pictures is a lovely image of the two characters. I love how realistic they look and how the images look slightly old fashioned. There’s just something lovely about this kind of illustration and I’ve seen lots of books illustrated by Anita Jeram and they always look as cute and sweet.

What I love even more about this tale is that it’s the first parent with child book I’ve seen where the parent is a male. This book can of course be read with mother’s but it’s wonderful to see a story that also shows how much dad loves his child.

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Baby Milestone Cards:
There are 24 cards which have a little bit of writing and spaces for you to fill out the rest. The idea of these cards is that when your baby is born, or reaches a certain milestone or age you can fill in a card with the details of the date something happened, and any other relative information. You then can take a picture of your baby with the card either lying on top of them or near them, so that you remember the special moment that the photo is about. This is such a good idea as I can look back at my old photographs of myself as a baby and there aren’t any cards shown and not every photograph is labelled so sometimes it’s impossible to remember what picture was taken when and if anything significant happened.

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The cards are all different. The first introduces baby with a space to write its name and date of birth, the next few all chart the age of the baby from one month old all the way to a year and then another card for two years old. The last few cards feature things such as first word and when it was said, first outing, first tooth, etc, as well as a final card left blank to fill in how you like. And one more card which just repeats the last line of the story along with a picture from the book.

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This is such a lovely set of both the book and the cards for any new parents out there, even if that’s yourself! The book itself is a lovely story and never fails to put a smile on my face, and to have the milestone cards which you can keep not only for the photographs but years later as a keepsake to remember when something happened like a first tooth, it’s just a lovely set to get and one I’d recommend.

-Review first appeared online March 2018 – now republished here.

Have you or you children read Guess How Much I Love You?  What do you think of this special set of cards and book?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂