Today I am excited to share with you some more books which have recently arrived from the lovely people at Walker Books. 🙂  These two books are to be published in April but I’ve been lucky to receive them a while in advance (almost a week ago when this post goes out!).  One is an older children’s/middle grade adventure and another is just perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about chemistry, whether you’re studying or not…

Mini March book haul from Walker Books books image
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Get Ahead in…CHEMISTRY from the Periodic Table to the Apocalypse by Tom Whipple & James Davies – All the essentials for GCSE Chemistry, in a book you can start and finish – without falling asleep in the middle!  Leran about: The Periodic Table, Bonding, Acids and alkalis, Chemical reactions…and plenty more besides.  Along the way hear fascinating TRUE stories of a dastardly Nazi plot, Cleopatra’s dinner party and a couple of flirty turkeys.  With words by The Times Science Editor Tom Whipple and brilliant pictures by James Davies, this book brings Chemistry to life in all its weirdness and wonder.

Jake Atlas and the Keys to the Apocalypse by Rob Lloyd Jones – Jake and his family’s quest leads them to Rome.  There they uncover the secret history of a Roman legion sworn to protect four mysterious keys – keys whch hold back a force that threatens to destroy half the world.
The Atlases race to the outer reaches of the Roman Empire to finally complete their mission.  But there Jake is faced with a terrible choice: to save the world or save his family.
The fourth thrilling Jake Atlas adventure.


I can’t wait to start reading these two books!  I loved Get Ahead in…PHYSICS which is by the same author and illustrator and Jake Atlas is one of my favourite series ever!  By the way… isn’t it interesting too that both titles have the world ‘apocalyse’ in them.  I didn’t realise until just now! 😮 😮 😮

Are you excited to read either of these books?  What books are you looking forward to reading?  Have you aquired any new books to read?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂