Title: The Day I Started A Mega Robot Invasion
Author: Tom McLaughlin
Illustrator: Tom McLaughlin
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Younger children’s fiction/chapter book, Humour
Book format: Paperback
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Description:  Molly should be doing her homework but, instead, SHE BUILDS A ROBOT to do it for her.  The robot, Bob 1, is pretty clever…so clever that he decides to make Bob 2 and, before you can say binary, there’s AN ARMY OF BOBS.
Now Molly must race against time to stop a MEGA BOB INVATION…and hand in her homework!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a very funny and silly story which children and I’m sure many teens and adults will enjoy. Molly is a clever girl and loves to invent things. One day while her parents go out, she’s left alone to do her homework. But Molly doesn’t want to do her boring homework, so she creates a robot to do it for her instead. Problem solved! Except that the robot doesn’t want to do the homework either, so decides to create a robot to do it for him. But what will happen when the second robot feels like the first robot and doesn’t want to do the homework as well?

The Day I Started A Mega Robot Invasion book page image one
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This story is such a silly one but brilliant at the same time. I’ve enjoy all of Tom McLaughlin’s ‘The Day…’ books and this one is another great one to join the collection. As with all books in the series, each chapter is another hour in the day, chapter one being 1pm, chapter two 2pm, etc. And each chapter is filled with easy to read text and lots of funny illustrations throughout.

I really like this story as it’s based around a situation that so many kids wish for, a robot that could do their homework for them (it’s definitely something I wished I could have had when I was young). The robots, and in particular the first robot which Molly calls Bob is especially funny as he’s given a personality that makes the whole story all the more silly. The more robots that appear, created one after the other, the more and more silly the story gets. It’s a good story though and one with so many great moments of humour thrown in. I laughed aloud so many times while reading this (especially with that star wars reference) and the whole story just has a great ending to it with a bit of a twist that had me laughing for a long time.

The illustrations, in black and white, are great and do make the already funny story even better. In fact many times it was the illustrations that really made me laugh aloud, especially the disco outfit! I like the simple and fun style of the pictures and they appear on almost every double page of the book. Like with all of the books in this series, there are fun activities to do at the end, such as how to draw your own robot, or a maze to complete, among others. I always enjoy these added extras as you get to stay with the story you just read longer, and I’m sure many kids would love to draw their own Bob!

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This is a brilliant book and I’d recommend it, as well as the whole series of ‘The Day…’ books. Each one of these books has made me laugh and smile, and this book put me in a really great mood after I was feeling a little down before reading it. I’m sure plenty of children will really enjoy the humour and story, and I’d say that plenty of teens and adults might enjoy a quick read of this too!

Have you read this or any other books my Tom McLaughlin?  Would you want to build a robot to do your homework (or other work)?  What humerous books do you enjoy?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂