Title: Football School: The Amazing Quiz Book
Authors: Alex Bellos & Ben Lyttleton
Illustrator: Spike Gerrell
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s non-fiction, Sports – football, Puzles – quiz
Book format: Paperback
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Description: How much do you know about the World Cup – and the world?  Test yourself and your friends with our brain-busting questions, such as: Why are England called the Three Lions?  What is Lionel Messi’s creepy-crawly nickname?  Which World Cup player wore a wig?  What is a meerkat doing here?

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a brilliant quiz book to complement the already brilliant Football School books. ‘Football School The Amazing Quiz Book’ is packed with over 300 questions all about football. I’ve already read the first two ‘Football School’ books (at the time of writing this review) and can’t wait for the third however this quiz book is a fun extra addition for anyone who wants to test their knowledge of football and football related facts.

Football School Quiz book page image one
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Just like in the Football School books, there’s a fun introduction by the two authors and then lots of quiz questions arranged into sections. These sections cover all sorts of football aspects from questions about the goals to referees, stadiums, coaches, mascots, etc. Each of the sections begins with an introduction and then there are around twenty questions in that section, all multiple choice so you can always guess if you’re not sure of the answer. A lot of the questions are actually very interesting even to those who aren’t that into football and I loved finding out some of the silly things that have happened to various people.

There are so many funny illustrations in this book that it just makes the book more fun to read. There are some pictures on each page usually showing one of the funny/silly answers to a question, but be warned that the pictures aren’t always an image of the correct answer, they’re just a funny little extra which I’m used to seeing in the Football School books. There are also some fun borders around each section with illustrations in the borders that relate to the section you’re reading. I love the additional extra fun question at the end which makes you want to keep looking back at this book because of the images.  The ending of the book has all of the answers.

Football School Quiz book page image two
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Although the book will really appeal to football lovers it’s also a fun quiz book for those that aren’t so keen, to play along. Many of the questions are just plain funny, like what certain players/coaches did because of superstitions, and it’s definitely a fun addition for anyone who is a of the Football School books, or football in general, to read.

-Review first appeared online April 2018 – now republished here.

Have you read any of the Football School books before?  Do you like football?  What about quiz books?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂