Happy Easter everyone!  Life may have been hectic and strange these past few weeks, and things may still feel a bit odd for some of us, but let us not forget the things that bring us joy and happiness, and for so many people out there, religious or not, Easter is a time of celebration.  Whether you celebrate the Christian meaning of Easter, or simply the birth and renewal of life on earth, with the blossoming of new flowers, and all the new baby animals being born, Easter and springtime in general is a time to look forward.

Now is not a time to dwell on negative  things that may still be going on in the world, or the past and what has happened.  Now is a time to celebrate the new life coming back and all the hope that spring and Easter brings.  Below is a short poem I wrote a couple of years ago which sums up this feeling perfectly.  Whatever you are doing, turn off the news, enjoy your Sunday and think with positivity towards the future ❤ 🙂 🌸

Happy Easter/Springtime Everyone!

©The Strawberry Post

A beautiful time for all who see,
Whether human, bunny, chick or bee,
A time for green to sprout from dirt,
When growth takes over those inert,
A beautiful time for all who be,
Religious or religion-free,
I hope to you good fortune will bring,
A Happy Easter and a happier Spring ❤ 🌸🌸🌸

-Poem first appeared online April 2018 – now republished here.

How are you spending your Easter Sunday?  Do you celebrate Easter, either in the Christian or the more modern sense?  Are you looking to the future with a positive mind?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂