Title: Get Ahead in…PHYSICS: GCSE Revision without the boring bits, from the Periodic Table to the Apocalypse
Author: Tom Whipple
Illustrator: James Davies
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Teen/young adult non-fiction, Study guide, Science – chemistry
Book format: Paperback
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Description:  All the essentials for GCSE Chemistry, in a book you can start and finish – without falling asleep in the middle! Learn about:
Along the way, hear fascinating TRUE stories of a darstadly Nazi plot, Cleopatra’s dinner party and a couple of flirty turkeys…
With words by The Times Science Editor Tom Whipple and brilliant pictures by James Davies, this book brings Chemistry to life in all its weirdness and wonder.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a brilliant book for anyone who is/was studying for their GCSE Chemistry exam and even for those who arent! ‘Get Ahead in CHEMISRY’ is the second book I’ve read by the same author and illustrator, the first being for GCSE Physics. Just like the previous book, this one is filled with lots of information and all told in such a fun and interesting way that it will make even those who aren’t naturally interested in Chemistry, want to learn more about this subject.

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The book is arranged into different sections including: Bonding, Reactions and Organic Chemistry, and each section isn’t too long to read and is filled with lots of fun illustrations to help you really get to grips with what is being explained. In every section there is a brief introduction, then lots of fun information followed by a conclusion and a bonus extra which I really enjoyed, involving an on-going story of a girl stuck in in the stone ages and how she constructs all these inventions that use chemistry.

Every section of the book is fun to read and despite the fact that I naturally struggled with chemistry at school and really didn’t understand the subject well at all, this book has made it sound so interesting and so fun that I am looking forward to reading more into the subject as a result of reading this book! The information is explained in such an easy to understand way and is broken down by various illustrations along the way, that it really does make what I used to find confusing, make sense. Each section is also fun to read as there are added anecdotes and tales of how certain chemistry concepts were discovered or how chemistry is involved in certain things such as an Australian turkey’s massive nest!

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The illustrations are what really makes this book so much easier for me to understand and so enjoyable to read. Every page has some fun pictures and even the images of atoms and chemical structures are fun to look at. The illustrations are all in black white and grey but all look fun and funny, and they really do make it easier to learn everything that you’ve just read. I enjoyed the way some of the characters loked including the big turkey, and I especially enjoyed the way particles and things like electrons look when they have faces, it’s certain made the concept of shared electrons in covalent bonding easier for me to remember!

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I really can’t recommend this book enough to anyone out there who wants to learn about chemistry. Although this book is aimed at those who were due to study their GCSE Chemitry tests, in reality this book can be enjoyed by anyone teen and older who want to learn and understand chemistry. I really didn’t understand much of the subject from school, and promptly forgot everything I had learned right after. But with this book I feel I’ve really learned something and I’m just so fascinated by a subject that I never enjoyed before. I’ve also learned the basics of refrigeration and how to filter dirty water which is both interesting and maybe useful to know for the future!
I’d definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about chemistry. It’s a great book and I’d recommend it alongside its Physics equivalent.

What do you think of this book?  Did/do you enjoy chemistry at school?  Would this book have made/make a difference to your studies?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂