A few weeks back I reviewed Art for Mindfulness – Winter Wonderland, a book that’s filled with lovely wintery scenes as well as lovely quotes on every double page.  Some of the scenes are so simple and look simple and yet take hours to completely colour in fully.  Today is a subtle piece of colouring I did, not so much an expression of creativity (the colours are very realistic and bland) but it was simply very calming in having to fill in all the bits of tree or sky, and believe me, it is a LOT when you see the smaller parts of the tree branches…

Art for Mindfulness Winter Wonderland colouring
©The Strawberry Post

The sky colour I picked was grey but it doesn’t photograph as well as it looks when I actually coloured it in.  I went with grey as you rarely see a bright blue sky when it’s actually snowing.  The snow on the floor tends to reflect in the sky above 🙂  Anyway, tell me, do you like the realistic colouring in, or do you prefer much more creative pieces, or indeed pieces with a lot more colour?

What do you think of this piece of colouring?  Do you like colourful images or more plain?  What colour would you give the tree, snow and sky?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂