I’ve had quite a few weird inspirations for my latest poems.  Today’s is inspired by the amazing lyrid meteor shower that occured on sunday or moreso something else that many people have said they’ve seen in the night sky along with the meteor shower recently.  There have been many reports of a strange string or strings of very bright lights in the night sky, all moving together in a neat row.  Many people have seen it and it has freaked out a lot of star watchers.

The official explanation for these lights that it’s part of something called Space X, Elon Musk’s Starlink project which will throw, eventually, many thousands (yes, thousands) of satellites into the Earth’s orbit.  The satellites are apparently going to provide us with a very good broadband wireless internet connection to every part of the planet, even the most remotest of regions that have very little or no mobile boradband will have this new high speed stoff.  However it’s caused a stir because the lights are so bright and visible in the sky, spoiling the natural view of the night sky.  And it’s also caused many to question how we didn’t know this was happening.  Have you seen this majoy project mentioned on the news in the last few weeks?

While this is the official explanation for these lights in the night sky, a lot of unofficial/alternative theories have been dreamed up by people, from the idea that the satellites are somehow linked to the new 5G network of masts which are being built everywhere, it seems, to more drastic explanations like the fact that the lights are part of an alien space ship and the real reason for the lockdown isn’t so much about the virus but to stop the majority of us seeing this alien stuff happening.  (Btw: Don’t get upset with me please, I’m just relaying what the theories are that some people have).  Anyway, whatever you think the lights are it really doesn’t matter, but as a writer it does bring up a lot of interesting thoughts to my mind and I can’t help but come out with strange poetry when I read strange things.  Does your mind do that if you are a writer?

Let me know what you think of these strange lights in the comments.  Happy stargazing! 🙂

Oh Beautiful Sky

Oh beautiful sky,
What have you there?
Way up high,
Without a care.

Floating along,
In one neat row,
Do truly belong?
Or just for show.

Why do so few,
See you stare?
They would ask who,
How and where.

But they are lost,
You stay hidden,
At what cost,
To miss your bidden.

To look up, spy,
To see your glare,
Begin to defy,
Become aware.

To question: W H O,
And ask to know,
What is true,
And what is show.

Oh beautiful sky,
Will we dare,
To use our eyes,
Wake from despair?

To see how much,
There is in life,
Instead of clutch,
To our strife.

Have you seen the strange strings of lights in the night sky?  What do you think of the idea of thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth to provide wireless broadband?  Do you like to indulge in strange theories about things sometimes?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂