I found this book tag when doing a random search online, (don’t you just love the randomness of the internet!) so thank you to the several bloggers and youtubers who this tag comes from (I don’t know who the originator of the tag is and I’ve since lost the first blogger’s post who I took this tag from, but it took me a while to find one question which was missing from so many blog posts so I’ll just say a thank you in general to everyone who has already got this tag on their blogs/channels).  Thank you for posting this and I hope you guys enjoy my answers 🙂

The Day and Night book tag spells out the words DAY AND NIGHT with the first letter of each question.  There are eleven questions so without more ado, let’s go!…

D – Do you read more in the morning or at night?

It completely depends on when I have some free time to read.  This can be in the morning but recently I’ve had more time in the late evenings to read than in the mornings as my sleep pattern’s been a bit erratic.  But it doesn’t have an impact on me whether it’s morning or night, I’ll read at both times or either, if I feel like it. 🙂

A – Are there any books that changed the way you thought about things?

I can’t specifically think of a particular book right now but there are definitely books out there that make me question the world we live in or reality itself.  I’ve read some pretty ‘out there’ sci-fi books before and some fantasy that’s made me interested in thinking about our world in relation to computers and the past.  Some historic fiction novels have made me question why we haven’t known about some things or what could really have been happening in the past.  And then there are genres like thrillers and dystopians which make me wonder if we are headed into a reality like that.  It feels like we’re living in a dystopian novel at the moment, with everything that’s been happening lately and it’s made me question so many things including relationships and the way our minds can be so easily turned and fixated on certain things.  Every book has the potential to make you ask some deeper questions I think, but there are definitely some very special books that just make you question life itself and in a weird way I really enjoy reading those. 🙂

Y – YA or not?

Y not? lol 😀  Yes I read YA books all the time and love to read books aimed at teens 9(and younger).  There’s something quite refreshing about YA books, the characters are still ones I can relate to, even though I’m definitely past being a teenager, and there’s something about the new experiences that YA characters go through and the newness of everthing that happens to them that keeps me enjoying going back to YA books.  The pacing of the books is also sometimes part of the reason I enjoy them and I often just feel some sort of connection to YA books that makes me enjoy them so much.  I think there’s also a real boom going on in the YA sector of books right now, so many genres so many different styles of writing and a lot of new and exciting stories that you might not see in traditional fiction (though many publishers are welcoming new and different style books these days).  I know not everyone loves YA but I’d definitely say don’t dismiss it based on the fact it has teens as the main protagonists most of the time, there’s such a diversity of books out there, so many different genres, with some books being very mature and worthy competition to some adult-aimed novels that there’s bound to be a book everyone will enjoy in the YA range. 🙂

A – Are there any characters that you honestly believe are real?

What sort of question is that?  I’m not sure how to answer.  I know characters are just that, chraacters in the book, not technically real, but at the same time I have desperately wanted some characters to come to life and be real.  I do believe that the core of some characters can exist in reality though, like you will find someone out there who might be just like a character you loved or hated reading, which is an interesting and possibly exciting thing to think about…Weirdly, I have sometimes felt like I’ve come across a real life version of a character from a book or movie though…

N – Nobody touches my books or I don’t mind loaning my books out?

I’m afraid I’m the “Nobody touches my books” sort of person.  I have a real thing about people touching my books, I’ve seen first hand the horror of lending a book to someone only to receive a barely recognissable mess back. 😦 Because of this only people I can really trust and know well can borrow my books these days, for everyone else I advise they get the books for themselves from a library or buy them if they are very keen.  The only exception I have is if I got a book in a tatty condition, I think if a book is second hand and a bit worn anyway then I don’t mind lending out or even giving away those books, as I’m not so attached.  I want to be able to lend out my books to more people, but a why so many don’t respect the unwritten rule: return somethign in the same condition you got it, I don’t know.

D – Do you ever smell your books?

YES!!!!  I do this all the time, I do it when I first get a book, I do it while reading a book, and I do it when I’ve finished a book (and then again when I’m sitting down and reviewing it too!).  I just love that lovely papery smell of a new book.  I can even tell the difference between the two major book printers in the UK who produce most of the books by the scent of the books pages! 😀

N – Not everyone loves books…Is that a positive or negative?

Neither.  I think to each their own.  I don’t think it’s a negative to dislike books.  I didn’t enjoy reading for a good portion of my early life and looking back I wouldn’t condemn anyone who didn’t or doesn’t like books.  I do think books do help us with understanding and learning though so rather than saying that everyone should read books, I’d say everyone should persue something they love and never stop learning.  But whether you do that through books, games tv or somethign else is up to you.  Having said that though I do think that most people who dislike books only do so because of a bad previous experience.  I think given the right genre and right contents, we can all learn to like and love books, and with so many different ones out there these days there’s no excuse to at least look at and find one you might enjoy 🙂

I – I keep my books in the best condition or not?

Yes.  Simple answer, I will do my best to preserve a book, even its spine if I can help it (although I can’t help cracking it slightly while I read!).  I pride myself on having a book shelf filled with books that that largely look unread due to their condition even though many of them actually have been read.  Maybe its the OCD part of me, but I’ve just always wanted my books to look new and unread, it makes it feel special every time I pick up a book, like I’m reading ot for the first time all over again! 🙂

G – Gosh! I have too many books!  True or false?

False.  How can anyone ever have too many books?  I always think it’s good to have a supply of books readily available to read and given the current very weird circumstances we’re in lately of libraries being shut and new physical books being harder to obtain, it’s a good example of why we should always have a good supply of tbr books on our shelves. 😀

H – Have you ever spilled or stained your books with something, and if so how?

Erm, yes unfortunately I have stained a book once with my own blood! 😮 😦  I had a cut on my hand, although I didn’t realise until I had stained the page, and it bled onto part of the corner of the page and I felt terrible.  It was only a tiny speck in the corner but still, I felt like I had tainted the book for life!  I’ve also accidently gotten a tiny droplet of water on the sprayed edges of a book before.  Note: unless sprayed with old-fashioned gold edges, these books are succeptible to ugly water marks like the colour is running, if you get the sprayed edges wet. 😦

T – Toned or untoned?  In other words, do you read and workout at the same time?

No.  I have tried to though.  I tried to read while on an exercise bike, on easy level once, but all that led to was the text bopping up and down and I felt sick after one paragraph.  Needless to say I don’t read and exercise no.  I can and do play wii games while using an exercise bike though – it definitely can add an extra element of challenge more movement to my usual workout! 😀


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