Today I’d like to make a quick(ish) update post about thow things are going at the moment.  Everyone’s been getting used to a strange new set of circumstances when it comes to what’s happened over the last few weeks with many of us still stuck at home and no idea how long such measures will stay in place.  Staying in at home has never been much of a problem for me.  A natural introvert, and having sufferred from a bit of agoraphobia in my past, I always find different things to do in my free time and I’ve never had any issues or problems with spending long periods of time at home, alone.  However the last few weeks has been a little more difficult than usual as my sleep pattern has been affected quite a bit by the changes.

The changes

For the past few weeks I’ve not been sleeping well, having very little sleep, insomnia, followed by periods where my energy just drops and all I want to do is sleep.  No I haven’t been unwell at all (thankfully!) and despite what many may think, I am not feeling any fear or worry about what’s happening in the external world (I know, a lot of you probably think I’m weird but it’s part of my ‘stay positive’ plan).  However I do consider myself a very sensitive person when it comes to the energy I feel coming from others and the energy has dramatically shifted where I live with a lot of people feeling quite negative and seeing such worry and fear in the people I care about and even though who I don’t really know online has affected me more than I realised.

I always try to spread a message of positivity and the truth is that I do believe that we will be okay and we will get through this time together and we will become a stronger, healthier and happier people once the whole lockdown stuff is over, but seeing the distrust and negativity of people when I take a walk on the street, how they avoid and look at me as if I’m a plague carrier, does make me feel sad, especially as I’m always such a happy person and try to smile at everyone I see.  As my energy dipped so did my ability to read and I fell into a bit of a reading slump too.

The Slump

Having insomnia followed by bouts of feeling wiped out made reading difficult and I sort of ‘went off it’ for a while.  I just couldn’t commit myself to reading a book and it wouldn’t be fair to read a book if I was forcing myself as the true emotion and feel for the story would be lost.  Not reading for about three weeks did put a dent in my review schedule though, meaning I had less brand new reviews ready for my blog and I almost ran out.  This made me consider slowing down my blog post schedule, something which I might do in future if I can’t keep up – and I hope you won’t mind if I do?

Despite the blip, I’m now feeling better, it’s like it took a few weeks to shake off the gloom I’d been feeling.  I’ve recently felt like reading again and I’ve begun reading all the books that I’ve had on my tbr pile for a while (maybe I can actually clear the backlog🤔 😀 ?)

Staying positive

I do think it’s important for all of us to stay positive, especially at a time like this.  The media is pushing such negative stories out there and regardless of what is happening, it is not healthy for us to be tuning in so often to hear such negativity.  We’ve all lived through some difficult times, and just like in those times, we shall get through this and it too shall pass.  But while we’re in the midst of all this, the best thing we can do for our health, and for the health of everyone else is to stay positive, do something to make you smile every day and remind yourself constantly that you are strong, and you will get through this.  Let’s be kind to ourselves, look after ourselves and look after others.

Remember to be kind to those you see on the street and say hello (even if it’s at a distance) to those you might meet.  We are human beings and it’s not natural for us to live in isolation for extended periods of time, we are a social creature after all and for some the need for human interaction means the different between a healthy mind and feelings of depression (and unfortunately suicide).  So even a kind wave, smile or hello to a random stranger across the street can really make someone else’s day.

In the meantime I hope you won’t mind some small alterations to my usual blogging routine (different style posts at different times or a day off here and there), at least until I get back into everything properly and fully catch up.  😀

Have a lovely, positive and healthy day everyone! ❤ 🙂

How are things for you during this strange time?  Have you been coping or having to live in isolation/quarantine?  Have you felt fearful or scared of what’s beein happening?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂