Title: Let’s Go To Nursery!
Author: Caryl Hart
Illustrator: Lauren Tobia
Publisher: Walker Books (Walker First Experiences)
Genre: Very young children’s picture book
Book format: Paperback (semi-board book)
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Description: Let’s go to nursery with Billy and Bee!  There’s SO much to do, and SO much to see!  Billy is shy but Been helps him have fun, so come with us now and let’s meet everyone!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is a great hardback book for very young kids to enjoy.  ‘Let’s Go to Nursery!’ is a fun rhyming book with some great images and rhymes.  The pages themselves are like thick shiny card so could take a quick wipe if they get a little dirty, the pages corners are also curved making this book easy and safe for toddlers to handle.

Let's Go to Nursery book page image one
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The story of the book is a simple but very fun one. Bee is a confident girl while Billy is quite shy and together, along with Bee’s sister Boo, they all go to nursery and enjoy themselves. The book’s pages are filled with fun rhymes, there isn’t one page that doesn’t have rhyming on it, even the back cover blurb has rhyming and it’s all in the same simple style which makes it easy for kids to understand what’s happening in the story. I really enjoyed the story, even though Billy is shy and a little wary, Bee’s confident nature makes him enjoy the nursery, and when something happens to upset Boo, Billy is there to make her feel better. The whole story has a lovely feel to it and I believe it would make me feel more confident going to nursery at that age (I remember being very shy, like Billy, when I went to nursery myself).

I really like the pictures in this book, they are all very nice and clear, not too abstract but there’s also some detail in many of the pictures which could make for a fun extra as kids and their parents can point out all the other things that are happening in the nursery. The ending of the story is a happy as all the kids go home happy.

Let's go to Nursery book page image two
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This is such a simple book but I really think kids will enjoy it as well as some adults sharing this with their kids. It actually brought back some fond memories I had from my time in nursery and I think it would make a great book for kids who might be nervous about attending, giving them a positive experience to look forward to.

-Review first appeared online May 2017 – now republished here.

Have you and/or your child read any of the ‘Let’s Go’ books with Billy and Bee?  What do you think of the illustrations?  Have your children ever been worried about attending nursery or somewhere new?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂