I found this very appropriate for now book tag on my friend’s blog Zigler News.  Please do check out her blog she has a mix of different posts about her life, some wonderful pets (both hers and others), writing, her books, reading and of course tags like this one. 🙂 This tag has a very appropriate name and is based on what the majority of us are doing I suppose, although I will say that I don’t snack, do facetime, play animal crossing or have Netflix – so ignore those and just look at the questions instead, lol 😉

As usual with tags if you want to to them then feel free, I’m not tagging anyone specific so this can be done by anyone who wants to.  If you’d like me to read your answers then either leave a link to this post in your own (if you’re on WordPress) or leave a link to your tag post in the comments below so i can read you answers and we can see if we have anything in common. 🙂  Hope you enjoy my answers below 😀 …

1. Laying in Bed – book you could/have read in a day

There have been so many books I can’t count the number that I’ve been so engrossed in that I read them all in a day (or almost in a day if it weren’t for eating and sleeping!).  One book that has come to mind recently is the middle grade/older children’s book Malamander.  I’m probably thinking of it as the sequel comes out soon but I just loved how exciting the adventure was and I love the slightly creepy weird vibe of the seaside town Eeerie-on-Sea that features in the story!

2. Snacking – guilty pleasure book

I don’t have a specific guilty pleasure book, in fact I don’t have any books I’d consider a guilty pleasure.  I just read what I feel like when I feel like it although if I’m reading to make myself feel better I will probably stick to something that I know makes me laugh, and the books that make me laugh out loud a lot are usually those aimed at children, especially the Julius Zebra series! 😀

3. Netflix – series you want to start

I was given the Alex Rider box set from Walker Books some time ago but I’ve only ever read the last book from it (I know, I know, that’s not how you read a series 🙄)  It’s a book series I really want to get into though as I love the fast paced action and adventure.

4. Deep Clean – been on your TBR for ages

Oh dear, there’s lots of books that have been on my tbr pile and for a long time.  If I’m not going by books that need to be reviewed but by books that I just want to read and put on that list a long time ago then Muse of Nightmares is one I remember that’s been on there a while.  It’s the sequel to Strange the Dreamer a book that’s become a favourite of mine but that I still haven’t read the sequel to!  The first book just blew me away, transporting me into this fantasy story that I really didn’t want to leave.  Now though I can’t wait to read the sequel, but I kept putting it off until I shrank down my tbr pile from publishers/authors (which is obviously taking forever!).

5. Animal Crossing – book you recently bought because of hype

If you can believe it I haven’t bought a book for ages!  I have so many I bought in the past that I’ve resisted the urge to buy books for a long time.  I have soooo many books that I’ve saved on my wishlist and tbr list for wanting to buy though, but as far as buying them, I’m sort of resisting the urge to buy them at the moment due to wanting to finish reading these other books that I promised to.  I’m kind of proud of myself for not buying them yet, and I’m finding myself better able to resist the urge to buy books than to buy DVDs and videogames at the moment! 😮

6. Productivity – book you learnt or had an impact on you

A lot of different books have had an impact on me but there is one book that stands out because I was left so affected by it that I couldn’t read another book for about ten days after finishing it.  Max by Sarah Cohen-Scali, is a dark YA aimed book about a child called Max who is part of the Nazi eugenics program.  He is the perfect baby and grows up with the Nazi ideal in his mind.  The book is narrated from his point of view, beginning with him as a baby in the womb (I know weird but ever so effectively creepy!) and you get this dark and chilling insight into the mind of the Nazis.  It especially afected me because it didn’t hold back in detailing some of the horrors of what happened to people and the horrific pleasure in which Max, at first, feels about those things that happen, although along the line his resolve and ideals are put to the test.  The story does have a satisfying ending, but I won’t lie, the horrors really affected me, moreso as I have family who were imprisoned and hurt by the Nazis during the war, so when I finially finished that book I was really affected to the point that I just didn’t know what to do with myself as I couldn’t even ‘switch off’ from the story for a long time!  It’s definitely a powerful read and despite it being dark reading, it’s one of those books I really hope everyone will read, especially people who haven’t learned much about the war or don’t believe it could have been as bad as some say.

7. Facetime – A book you were gifted

The most recent book I was given is from an author, I haven’t had time to put out a book haul post as of yet but it’s called Elders of Eventyr by Ellias Quinn.  A sequel to Eventyr which I really enjoyed as its a fantasy tale set in a world of fairies, but it gets very interesting.

8. Self Care – what is one thing you have done recently to look after yourself

I took a lot of time away from social media and this has really helped boost my mood.  Given the current situation of many people staying indoors, it seems as if many of those people have taken to panicking on social media or thinking the worse.  The atmosphere among so many people who used to be cheerful is an overwhelming doom and gloom, and it affected me a lot, especially as I just didn’t want to go down that negative route as it’s bad for the immune system and ultimately it does nothing to help aid the situation we’re in.  I’d advise anyone feeling a low mood to take time away from social media and for goodness sake turn off the news.  It’s not like there’s some new major information out there at the moment, and just hearing more of the same negative news isn’t going to help anyone other than stress us out which again, isn’t good for our immune systems.

BONUS – name a book coming out soon

Gargantis the sequel to Malamander is coming out on the 7th May.  Whenever there’s a series of books and I’ve enjoyed the first, I always keep an eye out for when the next in the series is coming out and I just hope I get the chance to read it soon! 🙂

Did you enjoy this book tag?  What answers would you give?  Do you enjoy book tags?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂