Item: Ty Beanie Boos Pierre
Item type: Cuddly Toy
Brand/manufacturer: Ty
Toy range: Beanie Boos
Toy reviewed: Orson (baby ostrich)
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Review:  I got this very cute toy as a Christmas present. Orson the baby ostrich is part of the Beanie Boos range of TY toys and is a very cute and fun cuddly toy for any child (or adult if you like collecting as I do). Being part of the Beanie Boos range, Orson, like all the other toys in the range, is a baby and that explains both the big eyes and that very cute look! He’s actually quite similar in colouring to what a real baby ostrich looks like. They’re heads have that brown colour with spatterings of blacks and lighter colours throughout their bodies.

Ty Beannie Boo Orson feature image
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Orson is well made and well stitched together. He has two types of fur on his body: short fur on the legs, neck, bottom and back of his mini wings (which you can only see if you lift them up) and longer fur on his body and head. Orson’s feet and beak have glitter on them which is quite well attached and feels soft, I wasn’t able to remove any of the glitter when holding him unless I really tried to squeeze and rub his foot which resulted in one flake of glitter coming off, so no need to worry too much. The long fur on the body is not as soft as the short fur and goes in all directions so Orson always looks fuzzy – just like the real thing!

Ty Beannie Boo Orson image one front
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Orson’s eyes are the only part of him made of hard plastic. I actually love the eyes on all the Beanie Boos range as not only are his eyes glittery, which really looks special when reflected in light, but the black pupils seem to follow you around the room wherever you are. It’s like Orson is looking at you and it makes him feel so real, something I’m sure many children will love. As he’s a beanie there are beans in his bottom which help him to stay in a sitting position. You can stand him up on his feet if you hold him but he’s only able to stay in a position sitting on his bottom. If you look behind him though you’ll notice a very small point where his tail is. It’s sort of lost in the fuzzy fur but I love the fact they’ve managed to make him look so much like a real ostrich yet retaining that TY cuteness!

Ty Beannie Boo Orson image one back
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There’s something so cute and loveable about Orson the ostrich! 🙂 Like all TY toys he has the heart-shaped label with a poem inside and a birthday of April 7th. I really love this toy and I can’t believe they’ve actually managed to make a baby ostrich toy and one that is so cute! Orson is really well made, he’s just so fun to look at and with that long neck you can bounce his head slightly from side to side (not sure if you’re meant to but it’s possible). It’s just so cute to have a baby ostrich as a toy and I’m sure lots of children and adults will agree that this is such a cute toy to get, and one I’d recommend.

Do you or your children like cuddly toys?  What about baby ostriches?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂