Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day or Victory in Europe Day, the day the Second World War officially ended in Europe!  Everyone probably has someone in their family who was affected by the Second World War in some way, some more than others.  The war was a horrible event that nobody ever wants repeated, and although so many atrocities were commited during that time, and sadly, so many loved ones died, today is about celebrating the fact that the war ended, a time people could begin to live their lives again and we all could start to put all those bad memories behind us.

I wanted to celebrate today with a poem, which I hope you like.  Wherever your family comes from, whatever nationality you are, I hope you celebrate today by thinking of all the good hope and good thoughts of the future everyone must have had at this time 75 years ago.  And although we cannot celebrate VE day in the way we had hoped this year, with street parties and gatherings throughout this country and others, I hope that the energies of this celebration will still be felt wherever you are, and maybe, if we can’t celebrate today, we can do these same celebrations, of street parties, dances and fun on VJ Day (Victory in Japan) which marks the end of the entire Second World War around the whole world!  So while we celebrate VE Day today and remember, why don’t we also think of all of our hopes and dreams for the future.  Let’s use this day to remember and also to be happy.  Have a lovely day everyone 😀 😀

Victory is Here!

©The Strawberry Post

It has finally come,
Victory is here,
A time to celebrate,
To hug, dance, cheer.

To look at our neighbours,
To smile, “we have won!”,
To no longer fear,
Plane, bomb or gun.

A time we’ll remember,
Those we have lost,
Who gave up their lives,
At such great cost.

Memories we can never,
Truly leave behind,
Horrors we have lived,
We wish we could rewind,

Others that are happy,
Of courage and resolve,
Those, must remember,
Never to dissolve.

So celebrate this time,
This Victory Day,
Never forget the date,
In the month of May.

We all must remember,
Tell generations new,
Don’t let them forget,
What others have been through.

So child after child,
Will never fear or flee,
Or have to live through war,
Instead of being free.

It has finally come,
Victory is here,
A time to celebrate,
To live, no longer fear.

Do you like the poem?  Are you planning on celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂