Sometimes strange events lead to strange poetry and today’s poem is just that.  On some levels it will make sense to some, while to others it will sound like nonsense.  I think of my poetry in times where my mind is either muddled or thinking very deeply about a subject, sometimes comes out like an abstract painting.  It’s a way for me to release a lot of pent up emotions and helps me to keep my mood steady and positive.  At the same time I hope that to some it will resonate and that some out there might find my poems interesting or a little on topic with current events, even if you don’t agree.  Or maybe they seem somepletely off topic and make no sense to you but I still hope you enjoy them.  As I’m now saying with each of my my poetry posts now and in the future:

Some poems are written when happy. Some are created when sad. Others appear when feeling sane. While some of them seem quite mad…  🙂

Truth vs Lies

©The Strawberry Post

Can you see the truth,
Behind the smile and the lie?
Will you just accept,
Or will you question why?
Everything makes sense,
Yet no sense at all,
Rules without reason,
While every one befall.

A world filled with anger,
Sadness and pain,
Cannot see true power,
Or the lock and chain,
A world of suffering,
Helps those to blame to stay,
While we are blind by fear,
Afraid to say nay.

But there lies solution,
To the pain and strife,
A chance to be free,
From shackles of life,
A way that takes you,
Beyond the fear,
A destination,
Bright and clear.

Do what matters,
Do what is right,
But listen to your heart,
And not all the blight,
For only in truth,
You’ll finally perceive,
World of real beauty,
Nirvana receive.

Will you see the truth,
Behind the smile and the lie?
Give into your fears,
Or will you question why?
Will you just accept,
What is real as they say,
Stop what is happening,
Or make your children pay?

What do you think of this poem?  Does it resonate with you in some way?  Do you like poems that rhyme or make sense or do you prefer a different format and more obscure poetry?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂