Title: Jake Atlas and the Keys of the Apocalypse (Jake Atlas #4)
Author: Rob Lloyd Jones
Cover illustrator: Petur Antonsson
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Older children’s/middle grade fiction, Action, Adventure
Book format: Paperback
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Description: Jake and his family’s quest leads them to Rome. There they uncover the secret history of a Roman legion sworn to protect four mysterious keys – keys whch hold back a force that threatens to destroy half the world.
The Atlases race to the outer reaches of the Roman Empire to finally complete their mission. But there Jake is faced with a terrible choice: to save the world or save his family.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  Wow, another brilliant and exciting adventure and what an amazing ending! Having travelled to several locations around the world, the latest adventure sees Jake and his family heading to Italy, more specifically the ruins of ancient Rome, to discover the truth about some mysterious artefacts. But things don’t go according to plan and when something happens to his parents Jake and his sister Pandora are left alone to work out the secrets of an ancient Roman army.

This book has been so compelling to read and just like the others in the series it was easy to get into right away with a fast moving plot throughout. Jake and Pan, short for Pandora, must hurry to discover the truth in order to fix what has gone wrong but with the People of the Snake not far behind, and something else even more sinister after them too, they really are against the clock. It’s so exciting to read, the action never stops with Jake and his family, and later with him and Pan, heading from one location to the other spanning more than just area this time, more than just ancient Rome. This novel in the series finally pieces together exactly who the People of the Snake are why they have been after the things Jake and his family have been trying to save and the mystery takes on an interesting turn.

I did enjoy the story as a whole, and I enjoyed how Jake grew as a character in this particular book. He does go through quite a transformation towards the end and I did enjoy this growth, although I did miss a little bit of the humour that goes on between Jake and his parents which wasn’t so prominent in this book, compared to the first three. As I said though, on the whole and I did enjoy the story and was surprised by everything that was happening with the extra mysterious threat that Jake and everyone is facing, I also liked how the story comes back to take place in Great Britain.

The book doesn’t have anything offensive in it and is just so compelling to read, I couldn’t tear myself away from the pages, needing to read the next chapter right after the previous one. On the whole I really did enjoy this book, it wraps up so many things in the series so well, and I did enjoy the ultimate ending to the story. It did feel a little rushed towards the ending though, and I would have liked to have known what was happening on a ccertain island, but that last scene at the end had me so emotional I couldn’t help but smile so much when I finished reading this! It’s made me want to start re-reading the whole series again from the beginning (even though I’ve only just finished this book!).

I would recommend the Jake Atlas series for anyone who loves an adventure story set in different ancient locations around the world, a sort of Indiana Jones meets Mission Impossible stlye book due to all the high tech gadgets they use. I’d definitely recommend beginning with the first book ‘Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake’ before reading through the others but when you get to the ending of this forth book you won’t be disappointed and even though I don’t know if any other books will appear in the series, part of me really wants to know what will happen now that a certain deal was achieved, and I really wish I could keep reading this adventure series forever!

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