I got a chill yesterday when I read back this poem that I wrote three years ago (almost to the day!).  Back then the basis for the poem had a very different meaning but the words are so relevant and gave me chills as this represents so well how I have felt over what has happened in the last few weeks.  The world is a very different place right now, ruled by fear rather than reason and I have to say I feel sad that so many people are focusing on their fears rather than doing their own research into things because thinking rationally and with logic is far more empowering than living in fear which just keeps us locked in a survival mindset.

If you are scared right now or worried for the future please don’t be, imagine the world as it will be in your ideal future when everything is over and things get back to normal (regardless of how you feel about the odds of it happening) because focusing on happy thoughts makes our brains connect with more and more happy feelings, thus deminishing the anxiety and helping us to think more clearly. ❤

Please be warned that for those of you who are sensitive this is a darker poem and you may not want to read it as it may put you in a dark place, but for those who like me today, are still feeling like something is ‘off’ about what’s happening but are also working on keeping yourself in a high vibe, then some of this poem may indeed resonate with you.

The Fall

©The Strawberry Post

I descend into, I don’t know where,
A world filled with, only despair,
Where time has now forever ceased,
Seconds, minutes, hours are feast.

I descend into, I don’t know where,
A place so dark I do not dare,
To open my eyes, see the sight,
Ceaseless night, endless blight.

I descend into, I don’t know where,
A place of rot, my skin I tear,
Cut and scrape, cause eyes to weep,
All to see if red still does seep.

I descend into, I don’t know where,
Time is paused, I sit and stare,
Contemplate, a life now past,
Detest the choices that were cast.

I descend into, I don’t know where,
A world enveloped with warfare,
Thoughts, beliefs conflict in mind,
Future unclear, reality blind.

I descend into, I don’t know where,
A place from which I do not care,
My only wish, I could go back,
To fix where life began to crack.

-Poem first appeared online May 2017 – now republished here.

What do you think of this poem?  Do you feel anxious or worried about the future?  Are you looking forward to a brighter one?  What are your thoughts about the current situation?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂