Title: The Official A Game of Thrones Colouring Book
Author: George R.R. Martin
Illustrators: Various
Publisher: HarperVoyager
Genre: Colouring
Book format: Paperback
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Review:  I bought this book along with another fantasy colouring book as I just love fantasy, even though I’ve never seen or read Game of Thrones.  The book is around the same size and thickness as Millie Marotta’s colouring books. Each page is crisp white and is nice and thick so can probably take some pens although I cannot comment as I don’t use pens to colour in this book. Each page of colouring is also single sided, on one side of the page there is a quote from Game of Thrones, or I assume one of the other books in the series, and on the other side of the double page is a relevant picture.

Game of Thrones colouring book page image one
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All of the pictures are lovely and so detailed. There’s a few different styles of drawing but all are highly detailed and so perfect for me as I just love colouring in detailed pictures.

Game of Thrones colouring book page image two
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The book has sections, the first being pictures of coats or arms, then characters, then castles, creatures and then various scenes. I can’t comment on the individual characters and scenes as I’ve never seen or read Game of Thrones but I do love fantasy games and books in general and this colouring book has just sparked my imagination. 🙂 There are lots of things to colour and because of the different styles of drawing there’s a picture I’m sure everybody would love. Some of the things to colour include weapons, a feast of peacock and dragon eggs!

Game of Thrones colouring book page image three
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This is a really excellent book and well worth 5 strawberries. There are so many pages to colour and each one is so highly detailed that even at the full retail price this is well worth the money. Whether you are a fan of the series, read the books or have never even heard of Game of Thrones this such a lovely book to colour in and so many detailed and lovely pictures that anyone who loves colouring and fantasy will love this book! – And I also don’t think it matters if we go wild (and very different from the series) with the colours when colouring in, does it? 😉

Do you like or have you seen or read Game of Thrones?  What about fantasy in general?  Do you like the idea of colouring in some of these scenes?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂