Lockdown and self isolating can be very lonely, especially if you live alone to begin with and have nobody to share your thoughts with or simply spend your evenings with, without having to use your phone, or set up a video call.  Worse still some people simply don’t like interacting in this way, while others feel very shy and want to be on their own but without regular human contact outside from going to work or visiting friends, they just get very lonely.  Being lonely can lead to mental health problems like depression which if left for a long time can become very serious.  This is why, during the lockdown there has been a sharp rise of people buying puppies in the UK.  This has led breeders to have waiting lists, some as far as next year, and the less reputable breeders to charge extortionate amounts for some of the most popular breeds.  While it’s absolutely fine to seek out a specific breed of dog from a good breeder, there are many more dogs (and puppies) who are currently in shelters and who really rehoming.

With the lockdown slowly being lifted, hopefully many of these dogs (and other animals) can soon be rehomed, but for those that have been bought as companions during the last few weeks, there is the worry that some people may abandon them when they go back to work, or when the puppies grow up, especially if they aren’t well trained.  Just like the message that a pet is for life and not just forChristmas, so too we should have a clear message to everyone that a dog, or cat, or any animal is for life and not just for lockdown.

Today’s poem is an old one I wrote back when my mind was focused in a darker place.  Though originally about being abandoned by a loved one (and dealing with a darker issue of self harm and worse), the words seem to fit quite well into the idea of general abandonment including of an animal.  I have quite a few poems on this subject of animals as I’m very passionate about animal welfare and I hope you don’t mind me sharing them in the coming weeks.  I hope, despite it’s dark nature and very dark ending, you will like this poem, or find it interesting, and remember, a dog (or other animal) is a companion for life.  Have a lovely, happy and healthy day everyone! ❤ 🙂


©The Strawberry Post

In the dark you left me,
Alone to face the pain.
Drove my heart all crazy,
Made me feel insane.

Cried myself to sleep when,
Abandoned me you did.
Could not face to leave here,
Happiness forbid.

Saw you happy, smiling,
Pleased with you new life.
Every time I see you,
Your happiness a knife.

Cannot find a way out,
Away from all I feel.
Cannot stand to stay here,
A promise I do seal.

A simple act, so easy,
I shiver from the cold.
Hate myself, can’t stand me,
Repeatedly I scold.

Everything I did wrong,
Memories wash away.
Nothing else now matters,
As I die here on this day.

-Review first appeared online September 2016 – now republished here.

What do you think of this poem?  How do you feel about animal welfare?  Have you recently acquired or do you already have a companion animal at home?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂