Have you ever hidden a part of yourself or do you find it easy to be open with others?  I’ve personally found it hard to share the real me online in the past, always fearing that the real me wouldn’t somehow be liked or that I would come across as too weird, silly or just that my online thoughts would seem boring to someone else.  But something I’ve found over time (and a few years of this blogging life) is that by sharing a blog online we can begin to be ourselves, even if the ‘real’ us in the offline world is too shy or reserved to share parts of ourselves or feel like we can be so open with others.

There’s something so freeing about the online world, maybe it’s the fact that we don’t have to be physically seen or that we can be who we really want to be inside, without those who know us putting us down or making us feel small, or just the fact that we can explore ideas without everyone in our real lives knowing what we’re thinking, but something about it just feels freeing.  And then there’s the communities of such friendly people that you are bound to find someone who shares in your interests no matter what those interests are.  So I hope you enjoy this poem and remember to not be so afraid to share yourself.  Some reservation is okay and we shouldn’t be so open that we make ourselves too vulnerable, but at the same time remember, don’t hide the real away too much you because you fear someone may not like you…because by being you, you might just find some new and great like-minded friends! 🙂

The Real Me?

©The Strawberry Post 

Did I share a part of myself,
Or would I run and hide?
Bared all and told truth,
Or wrote pretends and lied?

Did I open up myself,
Or close you off from mind?
Let you see the truth inside,
Or leave all me to find?

Did you enter inside heart,
Or would I put defence?
Let you touch deep within,
Or make space between dense?

Did you ever see true me,
Or would I keep apart?
Let you be so close to soul,
Or close away my heart?

-Review first appeared online January 2018 – now republished here.

What do you think of this poem?  Do you find it easy to be yourself online?  Or do you prefer to keep parts of you hidden from others?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂