Is the victim always a victim?  Could lies sometimes hide the truth?  I explore this idea in this poem which although I wrote some time ago, I still feel is relevant today in different areas of our world…


©The Strawberry Post 

You took it away, everything,
All the cheer, the mirth, the good.
Made sure they all believed you,
The lies now where you stood.

Taunted, joked and jested,
That you could make them see.
A story so invented,
They’d never believe me.

Upon your podium, began,
To tell your words of deceit.
Making all believe that,
I lied, cheated and beat.

Your words carried weight,
Greater than the Earth.
Made you into the victim,
Vulnerable as at birth.

Too late for me to show,
Nobody will believe.
That someone so innocent,
Could actually deceive.

Enjoy the praise you have,
For telling your own truth.
It will not be forever,
Someone will play sleuth.

Reveal the real reality,
Honesty laid bare.
Everyone will see you,
Caught in your own snare.

So play the victim, do it!
See how long you last.
In the end they’ll all see,
And you will be outcast.

-Review first appeared online December 2016 – now republished here.

What do you think of this topic?  Do you think sometimes the wrong person can be considred the victim in a situation?  Have you ever felt wrongfully acused of something?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂