Title: Bedtime Daddy!
Author: Sharon Giltrow
Illustrator: Katrin Dreiling
Publisher: EK Books
Genre: Children’s picture book
Book format: Digital copy reviewed of hardcover
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Description:  This hilarious book is for anyone who has ever tried to put their daddy to bed.  It will show you how to:
– wrestle your daddy into his pyjamas
– read just one more bedtime story
– battle endless excuses, and
– frighten away monsters with monster spray until finally…
you get daddy to bed!

*Free digital copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a fun picture book which flips the traditional children’s bedtime routine on it’s head! Daddy Bear is tired and he just yawned, so it’s time time for him to go to bed. But Daddy doesn’t really want to go to bed, and getting him dressed, his teeth brushed and finally into bed takes a long time especially when he has lots of excuses like being hungry or needing to go for a poop…

Bedtime Daddy book page image one
Digital image of double page in book

This funny story is all about a little bear cub trying to get his daddy to bed, following through with the bedtime routine that a lot of families will be familiar with. What makes this book funny from the outset is that rather than concentrating on getting the child to bed, this story is about getting daddy to bed instead! All the familiar difficulties that parents often face on the bedtime routine are shown in this story, daddy making up excuses for why he can’t go to bed yet, wanting more than one story to be read, monsters under the bed and I just love the silliness of it all including getting him into his pyjamas. There’s something so funny and silly about the grown up daddy bear being the one who’s acting all childish and I’m sure lots of children will laugh especially at the illustrations which show daddy’s expressions so well. Any adults reading this with their children can relate to the way that maybe their kids are during the bedtime routine and can give both adults and kids a chance of talking about this, as well as just enjoying all the funny things that happen!

The pictures are so brilliant and show the story so well. I love the way daddy bear looks, the expressions he shows and the silly way he tries to prolong going to bed are so fun to look at. I think it’s even funnier given how big daddy is to the little bear cub, and it just makes all his excuses and silliness even funnier. There’s something very fun about the drawings, they look like a child made them and it makes the whole book look and feel more engaging and fun. There’s also an extra image at the end of the story, which I just love.

Bedtime Daddy book page image two
Digital copy of double page in book

I think many parents and their kids will enjoy this twist on the classic bedtime routine. Whether this book will actually help make bedtime any easier for those involved I don’t know, but it will certainly lead to some laughs and smiles.

What do you think of this book?  Has the bedtime routine ever been difficult for you or your children?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂