This is yet another book tag I’m doing today and I found this by chance on what I think is my first visit to someone’s blog and thought how fun it would be to do 🙂  I found this tag on Kristin Kraves Books, do check out her blog, she has some great bookish (obviously 😀 ) posts up and I love her answers to this tag. 🙂  The original creator, I think, is Charlotte a booktuber at Wonderfully Bookish.

This is quite a short tag compared to some I’ve seen but with some great questions, so let’s get to it…

1. Do you judge a book by its cover?

In a way, yes.  I think almost everyone judges whether a book will be something they want to read or not by looking at the cover, so in that sense of whether a book seems attractive to read, then I do judge a book by its cover.  I will read books that have what you could consider ‘boring’ or ‘unattractive’ covers and it’s definitely the content of the book that matters rather than the cover, but what initially attracts me to a book on a shelf in a shop or a library is not the inside writing but the cover on the outside.  If the blurb then matches the intriguing cover then I’ll dive in and read.  To be fair I’ve been attracted to books without a cover before, sometimes on NetGalley I’ve viewed books with intrigue that carry no current cover, and I always choose to read based on the content inside, but covers are so important to those of us who find visuals important and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been attracted to so many books just by their covers alone…(so be aware indie authors and make it a good one 😉 ) 😮 🙂

2. Focusing on just the cover, what attracts you to pick it up?

I think it depends on the genre but I like pretty covers with some beautiful designs on them when it comes to fantasy books.  Anything with perhaps special borders, lacy like patterns and lots to look at.  And some beautiful extra glittery foiled parts are always a bonus. 😉   These three are good examples of some of my favourite covers (on some of my most favourite books) with the original hardcover editions of Strange the Dreamer and The Night Brother being ones (and I think are better than their UK paperback editions) I love and The Hand, The Eye and The Heart just looking gorgeous:

Strange the Dreamer coverThe Night Brother coverThe Hand the Eye and the Heart cover

The other types of cover I adore are also something very cute, which usually means cute because it features animals, although whether this is photography or drawn it doesn’t matter, like the two examples below The Christmas Guest has added sparkling foiled stars which helps but it’s that cute puppy face that really made me want to read this, and yes although some might question the cuteness of pugs, I just adore this cover of Pugs and Prejudice , just because of those faces 🙂 :

The Christmas Guest coverPugs and Prejudice cover

The other type of cover I also love is something weird and different or something that has more to it than first appears.  This sometimes applies to dystopian books or books with dark subject matter, but sometimes it’s another genre.  I find myself oddly drawn to covers that have more to them than first appears, I like spotting those things like all the animals that create the inner image in the cover for The Good Hawk, which by the way I didn’t notice all of them when I first saw this cover!  Another example is the dark and weird cover of Max which just feels eerie to see, especially that symbol on the baby’s armband, and when you first see it you may not notice all the lines on the cover around the baby image forming measurements (an indication of the perfectionism of the eugenics that are found in the book’s tale).  I’m weirdly attracted to some eerieness!:

The Good Hawk coverMax cover


3. Do you read the synopsis first, or do you prefer to go in knowing nothing about the book?

It depends what you mean by synopsis.  I will always check the blurb of a book to see what it’s about before reading it.  I won’t ever read a book without reading the blurb first to see if I’d like it, but sometimes some blurbs are like reading a synopsis of a book, they give away too much detail and I don’t like to know too much as I don’t want that spoiler to my reading and I will probably lose interest if I know too much.  The only exception to this rule and the only time I’d be happy to read a book without reading any blurb at all is if it’s a sequel to a book I’ve adored, but even them I’m still too tempted and read the blurb anyway. 😀

4. Do you have any auto-buy authors?

I don’t know if I have any auto-buy authors although there are some that I’m more likely to want to buy if I’ve already enjoyed a lot of their previous work.  But I’m still cautious on buying a book, and will always check it out first to see if I like it, checking out the blurb and maybe the first pages to see if it’s something I could get along with.  Different authors have different styles of writing and even the same author can often change their style of writing in a particular book or might just be writing something I’m less interested to read.  This is why I usually check out a book before buying it or will borrow it from a library instead if I’m not sure.  The only type of auto-buy I’ll definitely do is auto-buying the next book in a series I’m enjoying.  In that case I’ll assume I will enjoy the next book in the series (I usually do) and will just auto-buy in desperation to read the next part. 😂

5. Are you more likely to buy a book if it has specific elements/themes?

There are a few things that will make me buy books like the genres I’m attracted to like fantasy, science fiction or historical fiction.  The latter, for example, is one I love and I like all sorts of history and have my preferred historical eras but I’m also oddly attracted to books that feature wars and in particular the harrowing parts of the Second World war and the effect it had on individuals caught up in it.  Maybe it’s because I have family who lived some of that first hand in Eastern Europe but that’s always a thing I’m attracted to.  I also love books that feature an eerie dystopian future world, something about that is weirdly fascinating although recently I’ve steered clear as I feel like we’re living in the beginnings of one now :/ , and I just adore anything with a fantasy element to it, or stories featuring animals or a character’s deep relationships to animals. 🙂

6. Do you ever read a book that has generally negative reviews just to form your own opinion on it?

I won’t go out of my way to read a book that has negative reviews but sometimes a book with a large amount of negativity will intrigue me and I’ll check out the reviews to see just what people are complaining about.  Sometimes the complaints are about the actual formatting of the book or the language used and if that’s the case I’ll sometimes choose not to read it, especially if it sounds like it will be a chore to read because of the difficulty in the writing style, but if it’s more a complaint on the subject matter or how an author handles certain themes or issues then I’m sometimes even more interested by the negative reviews as I’ve noticed that many times a book that people complain about actually turns out to be pretty good.  Sometimes I’ve found a lot of reviewers missing the point that’s made in some books and because I’ve not decided to form my opinion based on their negative ones I find myself really enjoying a book that everyone else hates because they can’t see a certain plot point or clever twist or theme, whereas I can and often do enjoy something others dislike.  However, I’ll still need to be intrigued enough by the blurb to want to read the book in the first place and I won’t pick up a book if it sounds like something I’m really not interested in.

7. Do you ever buy a book just because another booktuber/blogger has talked about it a lot?

Yes, but again only if it sounds like a book I’d like to read too.  If I like the sound of the blurb and other booktubers and bloggers are recommending it then it stands a good chance of me reading it, but I won’t pick up a book in a genre or with a blurb I’m not interested in, no matter how much a blogger goes on about it.  And if it’s definitely not a genre or style I want to read then I won’t be reading it.

8. Is there anyone who’s book recommendations you always trust?

There are some bloggers in particular that I do trust in recommending books, and I often find I have similar taste to some of these people when it comes to the books we like.  But I’m alwso aware of the fact that sometimes those same people might not enjoy a book that I would love and vice versa, so although I do trust some opinions and will definitely find interest with a book they recommend, I’ll also probably check out some of the books they didn’t like too, if they sound like something I might and the reason for their dislike isn’t something that would make me not want to read it (like the reasons I gave in the previous question/answer).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tag and my answers and a big thank you to the creator of this tag for these great questions.  If you want to do this tag then please go ahead and I hope you enjoy it!  And as always, please let me know about it by putting a link to this post in your one to create a pingback (which lets me know you’ve posted 🙂 )and if you are on any blogging platform that isn’t wordpress you’ll have to leave a link in the comments below, to your tag, so I’ll know about it (pingbacks only work on wordpress) so do let me know either way. 🙂

Did you enjoy this book tag?  What do you think of my answers?  What answers would you have?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂