Title: The Bolds Box Set
Author: Julian Clary
Illustrator: David Roberts
Publisher: Andersen Press
Genre: Children’s fiction, Humour
Book format: Box set of paperbacks
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Description:  The Bolds may look like an ordinary family, but they have a great big secret –
they’re hyenas! 
Things don’t always go according to plan, and there are some very hairy moments for them… But of course there are HOWLS of laughter along the way!

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review:  This is such a fun box set of books and perfect for anyone wanting to really laugh out loud as they read some great stories. ‘The Bolds Box Set’ contains the first four books in The Bolds series: The Bolds, The Bolds to the Rescue, The Bolds on Holiday and The Bolds in Trouble. Each book’s story is a unique adventure following the family and they are all filled with some great illustrations and jokes along the way. The box the books come in is very sturdy and of a very good quality and holds all the books well.

The Bolds Box Set image one
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The Bolds series is so brilliant and hilarious and I’ve had non-stop laughter since reading the first book. The Bolds are introduced in the first book and you soon learn that they are a family of hyenas that are trying to live their lives disguised as humans in the UK. Each story is unique and brilliant with a lot of silliness happening along the way but every single story also has a great tale and conclusion, and a ridiculous number of silly but great jokes told by Mr Bold!

The Bolds Box Set image two
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There are illustrations throughout all the books and the text is a bit larger with each paragraph spaced out a little, so it makes these books especially easy to read and great for more reluctant readers as it just looks easier and more fun to look at. The illustrations are in black, white and grey and feature on most pages, sometimes in between the text and sometimes there will be a whole image on the page. At other times there is often a border on double pages with text making each book feel very easy and fun to read. I love the illustrations, they are so funny, the animals all look so funny and there’s such humour in the pictures. As well as some fun pictures, each joke Mr Bold tells (and there are a lot of them!) is illustrated, with Mr Bold telling the joke in a speech bubble, rather than just written among the text. There’s something that so fun about this and i love how silly and fun all the jokes are!

The Bolds Box Set feature image
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This is such a brilliant box set and will give children, and anyone older who chooses to read, hours of fun. The stories are all great, very funny with a few jokes and references to certain well-known people that only those older will understand. And the box set itself is a very good sturdy quality. Overall a great gift to buy for anyone who enjoys a lot of humour!

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The box set includes:
The Bolds – A great introduction to how the hyena family ended up living as humans in an ordinary neighbourhood. Lots of jokes and a very funny story especially when The Bolds head off to see some animals.

The Bolds to the Rescue The Bolds are becoming well-known among their animal friends and it seems there are more animals wanting to live life as humans in disguise, a very funny adveutre with so many mad antics and silliness, this book is still my favourite of the bunch.

The Bolds on Holiday The family head of for a camping trip with some of their friends but things don’t quite go the way they intended, a very funny story and you’ll love what happens to Bobby Bold and how he spends the holiday!

The Bolds in Trouble The family end up having problems when one of the animals they try to help outstays his welcome. This was a great story, filled with humour and also a heart-warming ending.

What do you think of this box set?  Have you read any books in the series?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂