Sometimes in life things are not what they seem.  Sometimes things that others do not seem to see, are plainly obvious to us, but at other times it is us who find ourselves blind to the truth.  Whether it’s to do with a relationship, a friendship or something completely different such as how certain organisations or institutions act or how our own leaders and the world is run, we must always keep an open mind, and an open heart to those who offer a different opinion to ours.  We may not always agree with others, but to close ourselves off from other’s opinions and to never even consider an altering opinion is shallow and dangerous, and is to live in a very small and closed off world.

Sometimes hearing other people’s opinions can be difficult and sometimes we may feel at our heart’s corethat what others are saying is either true or not, but we must always value and encourage a freedom to speech, to encourage everyone to be able to voice their opinion, even if it is different to yours.  Everyone should be encouraged to form their own opinions about things and to seek out the truth and be open to finding the truth of any situation, you never know what amazing things you may discover when you just open you mind. 🙂

The following is a poem that had a specific theme when I wrote it, but I hope you like it and can see how it can be read in a wider context too. 🙂

The Truth of Your Smile

The smile you put upon my face,
When you hold me in your embrace.
The way you joke and make me laugh,
And tell me “you’re my other half”.
“You’re special to me”, you often say,
Seem to always, go out of your way.
To make sure I feel so very good,
Saying the right things, like you should.
But below the surface, truth sits bare,
The reality is you do not care.
Your laugh a fake; a smirk your smile,
The words you speak a sickly bile.
The truth is clear to all but me,
How long before, myself I free?

-Review first appeared online August 2016 – now republished here.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where everyone seemed to see something which at first you didn’t?  Or were you able to see the truth of a situaion or person when a friend of yours couldn’t?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂