Today’s post is a short update on this blog and a change to some of my posting schedule.  Due to taking a bit more time away from reading and blogging to boost my mental health after recent events, I’m officially running low on content to bring you as all my ‘back up’ posts that I’ve written in the past have now run out. 😮  One way I’ve been keeping this blog going with endless daily posts has been to have many posts pre-written well ahead of the time they’re supposed to be posted.  Being several days to several weeks ahead of schedule when it comes to writing up almost all of my posts, this has meant  I’ve had a back up of posts to rely on going live without breaking any flow to this blog’s schedule.  However, I’m now running low on these posts so I’m either going to have to fatigue myself and run myself into a crazy panic to get enough posts out to keep up with this continuity, or I’m going to take the more sensible option and cut back on the number of posts this blog has going out from 7 in a week to 5.

A new posting schedule

I originaly began posting 5 times a week, only upping my posting schedule to 7 when I started sharing my older reviews from previous blogs on the weekends.  These will still continue to go out but rather than taking the Saturday and Sunday spots I’m moving them to the end of the week, to go out on Thursdays and Fridays.  I still want to get the whole lot of blog posts from my old blogs onto this one, and there’s still quite a lot of them, so expect these book reviews that I originally wrote years ago (but that you probably haven’t seen) to continue still for some time. 🙂   Alongside these e decided to keep posts going out on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays athat I’m going to drop those weekend posts from my posting schedule, at least for the next month, maybe more.

Tuesdays and thursdays have always been my ‘new’ book review days.  I’d like to say that I’d keep both days for new book reviews (and by ‘new’ I mean newly read and reviewed by me) but the when the virus crisis hit us, my reading took a nose dive for a while and on top of that a lot of physical ARCs (advanced reader copies) that I was able to get hold of from publishers before are still not available and I’m not sure if they ever will be again. 😦  Digital ones I’ve been kindly offered are too difficult for me to read, unless they are short picture books and so until (or unless) things get back to completely normal which I hope will be soon and I hope those publishers will still want to send out some physical books to me (*fingers crossed*), then I have to cut back on the number of new book reviews I do as I’m just not a fast reader and it can take me a week or more to get through one book.  With libraries shut and no picture books to show you apart from the ocassional one, it’s just not possible for me to keep up the book review schedule I had before, so I thought I’d reserve just Tuesdays for these  ‘new’ book reviews.

Wednesdays are still going to be a non-book review day with me mostly sharing a written article-style post or sometimes something else and Mondays will now be a mix of anything from poems, maybe colouring stuff and maybe just something else.


Despite my new schedule I won’t rule out posting at the weekend again, or to change what I post on which day, especially if a special occasion calls for a special post or if start to have a surplus of extra posts, (or heck,  if I just feel like it. 😉 )  My schedule is still a flexible one and although I prefer certain posts on certain days it also doesn’t mean I’m sticking rigidly to any plan.  I’ve learned in life that while planning is good and can be an important step in getting organised, learning to be flexible with your plans is even more important.  Things can crop up and get in the way of our plans, things we don’t expect and they can change our whole schedule and even affect every aspect of our entire lives, the last few months is example enough of this!

When things happen we need to be able to adapt ourselves, to change our plans, and ultimately to do what is right for our mental well-being, reagardless of who or what we think we should do or who we worry we might let down.  I hope nobody reading this will be disappointed by my change in schedule.  It means I have more time to create better content for this blog and will have more time to look after myself too which is of course important.  This will also free up time I’ve felt a bit guilty about losing and will allow me to have the time to visit more of your blogs , hopefully, too. 🙂


And now I just want to say a big thank you to everyone reading this.  You are all so super supportive and such wonderful people to be around and I want to thank you so much for continuing to read my posts and visiting here when you can, I truly appreciate it. ❤  I think I would still post on this blog even if nobody was around to read it but to be honest, knowning there’s someone who wants to read my ramblings (at least sometimes) really does give me more drive to keep going and you don’t know how valuable that is. Thank you everyone and I wish you all have a wonderful day and I hope you are all looking after your own mental well-being as well ❤ 🙂

Do you have any opinions over the changes I’m making to my posting schedule?  Are you doing anything to look after your own mental well-being?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂