Title: Nature Storybooks: Every Wonderful Word is True
Authors: Various
Illustrators: Various
Publisher: Walker Books
Genre: Children’s picture books, non-fiction, nature
Book format: Box set of paperbacks
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Description: From the tiniest little turtle to the majestic mother tigress, these ten beautifully illustrated information books are an ideal introduction to animals of all shapes and sizes.

*Free copy provided by publisher for review…

Review: This is a brilliant box set collection of some wonderful children’s books. Nature Storybooks is a series of picture books, each a non-fiction that talks about a different animal/creature and teaches kids some interesting facts as well as hopefully making kids more aware of each animal. This particular collection has a total of 10 of these books, all housed in a nice and sturdy box. The outer box which is made from a very sturdy cardboard houses all ten books and can stand on its own upright. The books are easy to pull out and put back in.

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The ten books you get talk about a variety of different animals from tigers and polar bears to frogs and worms. I’ll go into more details about the individual books below but first I’d like to state that every picture book is shorter than an A4 sized piece of paper although wider, almost square in shape. They are all filled with lovely thick and glossy pages which have lots of colourful illustrations and some text. The books are all non-fiction but are called Storybooks as there’s a story element to all of them, such as following an animal as it grows up, in the same way television documentaries have stories of the animals they show. Each story is interesting and many of the things kids learn will really engage them to be interested in the natural world. Some of the picture books might even inspire a new found respect or love for a creature where previously there was none.

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Personally I feel some books are better than others but the majority of them are brilliant. Not only are the facts kids learn about each animal interesting and easy to understand but they are accompanied with some brilliant illustrations. Some of the illustrations are so amazing that they look almost like photographs of the animals, while other books have a more fun feel with even some humorous bits (Yucky Worms is a book that’s especially funny). I’ve enjoyed reading each book and although I have personal preferences, such as Yucky Worms, Big Blue Whale and One Tiny Turtle, and a book or two I feel weren’t as good like Tigress and Caterpillar Butterfly, each book is still one I’d recommend and my review for this collection shows my overall feel for all these books.

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I’ve written reviews for each book individually and links below will take you to each review.  Below is also a quick snippet of  what each book in the collection is about:

The Emperor’s Egg: About the incubating, hatching and raising of an emperor penguin’s egg/chick until the female returns. It has some beautiful illustrations and a fun way of telling the facts and story.
Growing Frogs: Very fun and colourful illustrations accompany a story of growing frogs at home. Will make kids interested in frog life while learning to respect them.
Walk with a Wolf: Some beautiful writing and some of the most realistic and best illustrations I’ve ever seen. Learn about things a wolf does, and builds a respect for these creatures which are often feared.
Big Blue Whale: Learn some interesting things about the life of a blue whale. Makes you feel for these creatures and want to protect them.
Yucky Worms: Funny and fun book which shows kids how to respect worms and how good they are for your garden and how tough their lives are. Even learn about the biology of a worm and dispels some worm myths. All kids should read!
One Tiny Turtle: Beautiful illustrations about this loggerhead turtle’s life from very young up to when it grows up and returns to the beach to lay her own eggs. Makes you aware of these animals and it really is a book you’d want to look at again and again.
Ice Bear: Some really stunning illustrations and told from the point of view of an Inuit it teaches you about the polar bear, some facts and about a mother raising its cubs.
Tigress: Again beautiful illustrations as we follow a tigress raising her cubs. Shows you some of the life of tigers but the language is a little more poetic than in some books.
Surprising Sharks: Fun facts about various sharks, it’s a great way to stop kids being afraid of them and want to know more. Fun illustrations and lots of different unheard of (to me) sharks mentioned.
Caterpillar Butterfly: Learn about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Lots of great facts but not the easiest of illustrations and font of some text to see. But overall still a good book.

-Review first appeared online January 2018 – now republished here.

Do you or your children like learning about nature or animals?  What do you think of these Nature Storybooks?  Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂