Title: Eventyr (The Eventyr Series #1)
Author: Ellias Quinn
Cover & Map illustrator: Ellias Quinn
Publisher: Second March, LLC
Genre: Fantasy
Book format: Paperback
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Description: Explore a hidden world of ancient magic with Ellias Quinn’s Eventyr.
A book of dark power is stolen from its prison. Hostilities between fairy nations threaten to sunder the land. Deep in the forest of Eventyr, a fairy named Matil awakens without memories. Alongside her two unlikely new companions, she begins a dangerous journey to recover her lost identity, discovering both those who would help and those who would harm them. The three travelers find not only that they are in the shadow of a brewing storm which will change the forest forever, but that the knowledge Matil seeks comes at a price. A price she isn’t prepared to pay.

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Review:  In the world of Eventyr, a land of fairies, Matil wakes up with no memories of her past or who she is. With the help of two friends, who both come from opposing nations, she seeks to find out the truth of who she is and uncover her hidden past. But what will happen when she discovers the truth?

‘Eventyr’ is the first book in the Eventyr series. It’s a fantasy story set in a world of magic and fairies. The tale is an interesting one and starts with a good prologue and then leads into our main character, Matil, waking up to find she can’t remember who she is, not even her name. The story is written really well although at first it can be a little overwhelming to be introduced to so many new names and words for different species of fairies and nations such as Alva, Ranycht and Obrigi. Despite the confusion you might have at the start, the author does a good job of explaining and showing the different characteristics of the different people and you quickly learn and get used to the new world of Eventyr.

Eventyr book page image one
©The Strawberry Post – Image of map of Eventyr

The story is told in the third person and follows Matil throughout, apart from the prologue at the beginning. The writing is really good and the world of Eventyr feels like such a beautifully crafted one. I was really drawn into this land of fairies. I’ve read a lot of fantasy books but I have to admit that most I’ve read didn’t feature a full fairy world where everything is so magical and small. It doesn’t take long for the descriptions in this book to make you feel like you’re in the land of fairies yourself and I love little mentions of things such as beetles and moles pulling wagons.

I’m surprised at how much I got into this story and the further I read on the more interesting it got. Matil’s dreams were vivid and written so well and although throughout the book there were a lot of descriptive words, it ended up building the world and story so well that I just didn’t mind. As the story of Matil progressed I felt I knew what the big twist would be when she found out who she is. Having read a lot of fiction it’s hard to find a story with a real surprise, although it’s always fun and satisfying to read through the ‘how’ it happens it’s quite hard to find a story with a real surprise for me these days. Well this book is so amazing that I just didn’t see this twist revelation coming and it was far more shocking than I had imagined! This really made my day and the story so much more complex and interesting. The ending of the book is a satisfying one although it is just the start of the on-going adventure of Eventyr, it has left me so eager to read the next part.

The book has no offensive material and I believe teens as well as adults will enjoy the tale. In fact kids might enjoy the story too although the writing might be a touch too advanced and the story deals with dark magical power, but the story itself is one that could appeal to many ages. It’s a really good book and a great start to the series. I’m surprised at the end how much I’ve enjoyed reading this. I really didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. I’d recommend this for anyone with an interest in reading a fantasy tale set in a land of fairies. It’s both a beautifully and well written book and really draws you into that magical world.

-Review first appeared online January 2017 – now republished here.

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